Outdoor & Landscape Lighting


Why Landscape Lighting?

You may be looking at lighting your landscape for a number of reasons:

  • Security – Discourage theft or criminal mischief on your property
  • Safety – Illuminate walkways for carefree movement without fear of stumbling
  • Accent – Highlight statuary, architectural features or other unique elements of your landscaping at night
  • Aesthetics – Showcase the beauty of your home and landscape beyond daylight hours
  • Entertaining – Light up your yard for entertaining guests outdoors after twilight
  • Mood – Create an inviting, romantic environment you will enjoy after dark

Whatever your reasons for choosing an outdoor lighitng scheme, My Landscaper LLC is here to provide you with the perfect solution for your outdoor lighting needs in Colorado.

  • Low voltage Lighting
  • Solar Lighting
  • Led, Colors, and many style


Low Voltage Landscape Lighting

Design and proper installation techniques are crucial for a trouble free, long lasting lighting system. Properly installed systems should not be blowing out light bulbs every few months. We attend training seminars and keep in touch with are vendors to make sure every system we install is the best it can be.


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Solar Lights for Your Denver Landscaping Plans

April 12, 2016

You may pour hours of work into your yard, whether or not you have a Denver landscaping service, and still feel like something is missing. Perhaps you want to showcase your yard a little more, or maybe it’s simply too dark as you walk up to your house.

Solar lights are a great way to brighten up and showcase your lawn, deck, or porch. Most lights have small solar panels on top of them that absorb the sun throughout each day, allowing them to shine bright each night. There are several different types of lights that you may want to consider which serve different purposes:
  • Path Lights
    Path lights are a great way to light up a walkway that runs through your lawn, border your porch, deck, or gazebo with, or place along the driveway and sidewalk to light your way as you walk up to your house. This can be handy in avoiding tripping over steps or trampling on your lawn.
  • Step Lights
    Step lights are a great addition to your wooden steps or handrails, as well as around the edges of your porch or deck. These lights are designed to affix to your steps, the lower parts of your handrails, or the edges of your deck. Reduce trips and falls with these lights and save on your electricity bill. It is also a good alternative to motion detector lights on the front of your house, if you don’t use them for security.
  • Flood Lights
    Yes, solar knows no bounds. You can install fully solar LED flood lights. Many can be planted in the ground to keep your driveway or other areas with security concerns well-lit.
  • Color Changing Lights
    Give your landscape a more colorful flair with these color changing lights. The colors can be set to flow through a sequence or stay fixed on the color of your choice. These are great for accenting the more beatific parts of your yard, including fountains, sculptures, or wells.
  • Railing Lights
    Don’t risk falling over (or through) your railing on your deck, gazebo, or porch anymore. They’re even great for staircase handrails! They attach to the rails themselves, giving you a clear picture of where you can grab and where you can lean. This is a great idea for people who spend nights outdoors.
  • Lantern Lights
    For a more romantic or classic look, you can buy lantern-style lights that hang on decorative picks in the ground. These are a great way to lend some light to your yard in a more formal fashion, and would be great for homes with a vintage feel.
  • Motion Sensor Lights
    Yes, you can even get motion sensor lights that are completely solar-powered. Think of all the electricity you could save! These are easy to affix above garage doors, to place above the pool, or to cover backyard entrances.
  • Plantern Lights
    For an even fancier look than the simple lantern lights, you can use plantern lights. These lights have a hook and lantern setup, but have a small box you can plant flowers or herbs in.
If you’re looking for a Denver landscaping service that can help you install solar lights, then My Landscaper, is the perfect choice for you. We offer plenty of landscape lighting services. Call us today at (720) 882-5772 to speak with someone about installing solar lights around your home.

Professional Landscaping Services in Denver

February 5, 2016

A high-quality landscape can provide your home with a beautiful appearance, satisfy the aesthetic desires of your family, and increase the value of your real estate property. However, maintaining a landscape can be a difficult process that often requires you to hire professionals. If you are trying to cultivate a gorgeous landscape for your home or business, it can help to learn about the many benefits provided by Denver landscaping services.
  • Landscape Design:  The top Colorado landscaping companies can help design your ideal landscape. The professionals can collaborate with you to evaluate the spatial dimensions of your yard sections, showcase available options for each section, and enable you to select which landscaping features, such as water features or landscape lighting, and design styles are most appropriate for your home or business. You can also determine which plants will excel in the different microclimates of your yard. For instance, the experts have access to a diverse range of trees, grasses, plants, and garden materials. After you have made decisions regarding which plants to cultivate in the various areas of your yard, the professionals can then install your landscape. The advanced skills and superior experience enables the landscaping specialists to effectively cultivate the grass, trees, and gardens to enrich the beauty of the landscape and the quality of your home.  From start to finish, we at My Landscaper work with our clients to make sure that both the design and installation process go smoothly. 
  • Hardscape Features:  You can also have the Denver landscaping services provide hardscape features for your yard. The professionals can offer many hardscape options that can enhance your yard and compliment your plants. Many different types of hardscape features are available. For example, some of the best hardscape features include walkways, paver systems, fencing patterns, retaining walls, and brick or stone columns. Additionally, numerous hardscape features can also provide you and your family with convenient areas to gather outside, socialize on beautiful days, and enjoy the comfortable and delightful atmosphere of your yard. The professionals can provide you with many options and designs from with you can choose, including a wide variety of decks, patios and pergolas.   
  • Maintenance:  Premier Colorado landscaping companies can also relieve your workload by handling maintenance duties for you. Lawns and gardens often require consistent maintenance to ensure that the plants remain healthy and attractive. As a result, you can have the landscaping experts frequently assess the conditions of the plants, correct any problems that are developing in the yard, and fertilize each section of your landscape to ensure that each plant thrives. The professionals can also accurately determine which particular maintenance services can most effectively enhance the superior condition of your yard. For instance, landscaping experts can mow your lawn, weed your gardens, prune shrubs and trees, and perform lawn aeration services.  Additionally, receiving seasonal spruce-up services during the fall and spring enables landscaping professionals to make sure that your lawn is protected from damage during the winter and ready to flourish in the spring.    
Contact My Landscaper to help you cultivate the best yard possible. Our expert staff understands the importance of lawn care and would be glad to assist any of your landscaping needs. My Denver Landscaper will make your project stand out with our truly customized and highly functional services; we believe that it is our job to guide our customers and help them to make the right choices to meet their needs and budget.  Call us for a free estimate for your Denver landscape or hardscape project to maximize the beautiful appearance of your yard and the luxurious atmosphere of your home.  

4 Ways Outdoor Landscape Lighting Enhances Your Home

December 4, 2015

Most people understand the importance of curb appeal for their home. But what does your home look like after dark? If you have put a lot of hard work into your landscape you may be wondering how to illuminate your yard with landscape lighting. There are a number of Denver landscape lighting approaches to take into consideration when illuminating your home. Below are four of the most common ways people outdoor lighting to enhance their home.


Safety and Security

One of the main reasons to add lighting to your outdoor space is to increase security and make the space safer for those using it. Motion-activated flood lights and down lights will add a good amount of security without a high pricetag. And adding lights to walkways and stairs will help to decrease the risk of tripping or stumbling. This helps to keep friends and family safe while they enjoy your outdoor space.


Accent Lighting

Utilizing lights to draw attention to unique details around your home can add a touch of elegance. Use spotlights to accent interesting architectural features, statuary, or unique plants and trees. Opt for wider beam spread to highlight walls and facades. It is also important to use accent lighting sparingly to keep the overall look of your home natural and refined.


Enhance Aesthetics

There are a number of ways you can use outdoor lighting to enhance the beauty of your home and landscape. Many people elect a symmetrical approach because it is universally attractive and elicits a positive response. A simple way to do this is to balance lighting on either side of your home. However, that does not mean lighting needs to be the same on both sides. Each side only needs to have an equivalent look and feel. This lighting method can also be used in a more dramatic manner to make a statement in your landscaping. Carefully employed spotlights and floodlights are one option for creating a bold design.


Mood Lighting

If a more minimalist approach is your style, there are several ways you can create an inviting environment for entertaining guests after dark in a way that feels more subdued. This kind of romantic atmosphere is created using plenty of moonlighting, low light levels, and more back and side lighting. With this approach, you want to include enough lighting to allow for safe movement around the landscape without the use of bright spotlights. Downlighting, silhouetting, and backlighting are just some of the approaches used when creating a landscape lighting design that feels more natural.  

Carefully planned lighting is a great way to guarantee your home makes a beautiful first impression no matter what time of day it is. Take a look at our gallery to get some inspiration on everything you need for a beautiful landscape design. If you need help deciding what lighting is right for your outdoor space, contact My Landscaper today and let us design the perfect lighting plan for your home.

Landscape Lighting for Your Denver Home

Outdoor Lighting & Lighting Design

Chances are you've dirven by a house or two with beautiful lighting features that make you both envious and inspired – and we’re not talking about just around Christmastime. A gorgeous night lighting display in front of your home can add a ton of curb appeal, as well as provide a practical solution for common security issues. Whether you are hoping to add ambiance to your front yard, or create an evening sactuary in your back yard, the professional landscape artists at My Landscaper can help. We work in outdoor spaces of all shapes and sizes, and will work with your design preference to create a functional, beautiful outdoor lighting scheme for your home.

Before deciding on outdoor lighting plan for your home or yard, here are a few things to think about:
  1. Design
Through technology, it’s easier than ever to see what your house looks like with various landscape lighting effects. There’s actually software now that can be used to visualize what night lighting will look like based on simple digital renderings laid onto a real photo of your house. With new technology coming out all the time, you can be increasingly confident in how your lighting design will result. The one tip that should never be overlooked, though, is to choose experienced landscapers who never compromise integrity and quality for the sake of aesthetics.
  1. Planning
As fantastic as your dream lighting display is, there are some practical considerations for the actual procurement of which types of lights to buy. LED lights are a great choice for keeping energy costs low and have a longer product lifespan than incandescent alternatives. For the environmentally-conscious, low voltage is key, and solar lighting can be a feasible choice for homes right here in Colorado. Colors and styles are the fun part – there are usually plenty of options to choose form.
  1. Safety
Floodlights, path lights, or spot lights? The best choice in lighting fixtures comes down to functionality. Aesthetics provide the initial ‘wow’ factor, but if you’re drawing more attention to your home without considering safety and security, we’re here to point you towards some additional – and necessary – uses of outdoor lighting. Avoid stumbling around the backyard or on any walkways surrounding your house – outdoor lights are a safety feature that ensure your family members or guests can navigate around with ease. Outdoor lights also enhance your home’s security, by discouraging theft and criminal mischief by highlighting potential points of entry into your home.

At My Landscaper we like to say that “If you can dream it – we can build it.” It’s easy to build the lighting-scape of your dreams, because anything is possible. We will work within your budget and the size and layout of your outdoor space to craft the perfect outdoor lighting plan for your home. If you’re not entirely sure what you want, just tell us the general ambiance you want and any lighting ideas you don’t like – with those parameters, we’ll create a design that will surpass your expectations. Give us a call today (720) 882-5572 and we’ll start turning your home’s landscape into an evening oasis.