Working with My Landscaper LLC professionals means that you’ll enjoy expert advice during the planning phase. Certain plant life is better suited to resisting specific pests that might be in your area. Selecting the right type of flowers, trees and shrubs for your space will not only give you the visual look you’re hoping achieve, it will help alleviate worries about unwanted infestations cutting down on maintenance costs.

Plantings not only need love, they need water which is why you should also consider enlisting the help from an expert in Landscaping Irrigation. We will inspect your property and install the perfect sprinkler system so that your plantings thrive and blossom while enjoying all the health and happiness that they deserve. My Landscaper LLC experts will serve as the lead for any coordination efforts done between divisions, so that the work flow is efficiently streamlined through one contact point making the project easier to manage on your end.

When your plantings are fully installed, they’ll also require routine care which you can schedule with our friends T. Coles & Sons LLC Lawn Care. Garden maintenance under  contract and supervision of My Landscaper LLC, can be outlined with an on-going plan or on a per-visit basis. All of our incredible services are available a la carte and you’ll only pay for the care your plants require.

Contact My Landscaper LLC. to get started on your new, luscious plantings today!

Request These Fragrant Flowers From Your Denver Landscaping Company

Many homeowners invest in landscaping to improve the overall appearance of their home, but others do so because they want to smell the intoxicating scent of flowers. If you love the scent of flowers and want to be able to smell them wherever you go in your yard, ask your Denver landscaping company to plant these blooms in your garden:

These bright pink, white, or red flowers don’t just add color to your garden, they also add an incredible smell. Dianthus flowers grow fairly well in Denver and should bloom throughout the spring and summer seasons.

If you’ve ever purchased a floral perfume, chances are it probably had notes of jasmine in it. This beautiful white flower may have a small bloom, but it has a powerful scent. Be sure to smell one of these flowers for yourself before you put them in your garden. Some people are drawn to the smell of jasmine, while others think it is too overpowering.

Gardenia flowers will grow in almost any climate, so even if you don’t have a green thumb, you should be able to get these to bloom in your garden. Unlike jasmine, gardenia has a much softer scent that is appealing to most people. The gardenia’s scent also blends well with the scents of other flowers, so it will fit in perfectly in the middle of a garden full of various flowers.

There are many different types of lilies, but most of them have a soft, subtle scent that will put a smile on your face whenever you get a whiff. One of the most fragrant of all lilies is the Oriental lily, which is an exotic-looking flower that blooms towards the end of summer. But, it’s important to note that lilies can be toxic to cats, so if you have cats in your home, you may want to exclude this flower from your list.

Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without the rose. Roses are famous for their feminine, pleasant scent, so they should definitely be included if you want a garden full of fragrant flowers. But, which rose should you choose? There are dozens of different types of roses and all of them have a delightful scent, so it’s smart to choose which roses you should include by determining which will grow best in Colorado. The Denver Rose Society has compiled a list of roses that will grow well in the Colorado climate. If you want a dark red rose, the association recommends the black magic rose, while if you want something lighter, you can choose from the iceberg rose, Gemini rose, or Queen Elizabeth rose, among many others. See the full list of recommended roses for Colorado.

Are you ready to create a fragrant garden of flowers in your yard? Let our team help you bring your vision to life! Call My Landscaper, the premier landscaping design company in Denver. Contact us today to discuss your landscaping needs with our team of experts!

Denver Landscaping Services Tip: The Best Flowers to Plant in Denver

January 18, 2017

There’s nothing quite like a flower bed to brighten up your lawn. But, some flowers will only bloom in certain climates, so what types of flowers should you use in your yard? The experts at My Landscaper, who offer a variety of Denver landscaping services, have compiled a list of the best flowers to plant in this beautiful city:

Rocky Mountain Penstemon

One of the most popular plants in Denver gardens is the Rocky Mountain Penstemon, which is an eye-catching perennial with dense foliage and purple flowers. This plant usually can survive in both dry and wet environments, however it thrives in dry areas, so keep this in mind when working with a landscaper on your yard’s layout. Learn more about the Penstemon strictus, or Rocky Mountain Penstemon.


The Verbena flower, which grows anywhere from six inches to three feet tall, would make a great addition to your lawn. Plant this flower in your garden and enjoy its beautiful pink, white, red, or blue blooms every fall and summer. Not only is it beautiful to look at it, but it also has a strong, sweet smell that can often be found in women’s fragrances. Another benefit of planting Verbena in your yard? They’re deer-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about wildlife ruining your garden.

Purple Coneflower

Your yard will certainly look more lively when it has purple coneflowers, which actually are more of a magenta than purple. These flowers will bloom in three out of the four seasons, so you can enjoy their beauty almost every month of the year. Plant these gardens in an area that receives a lot of sunlight, and don’t worry about them if your area goes through a bit of a drought. Purple coneflowers are known to be drought resistant, so they should be able to survive with minimal watering. If you don’t have much experience maintaining landscaping, this is a great choice for your yard as they are low maintenance and tend to grow fairly easily.


Another low maintenance flower to add to your list is the Angelonia. These flowers, which come in purple, pink, blue, and white, are often used to create a border around pathways, water features, and driveways. They need a lot of sun to survive—preferably between six to eight hours a day—so choose a well-lit spot in your yard. Some Angelonia plants will grow upwards of 18 inches, while others are shorter and wider, so make sure you choose the type that will complement your yard the best. In the spring, you may notice a few more visitors in your yard, as these flowers attract both butterflies and bees. If anyone in your home has a bee allergy, you may want to steer clear from these flowers.

Are you trying to add bright and beautiful colors to your yard? Let us help you bring your vision to life! Call My Landscaper, the premier landscaping design company in Denver. Contact us today to discuss your landscaping needs with our team of experts!

Adding a Garden to Your Denver Landscaping Project

May 25, 2016

Many people have a picture of their ideal yard in their mind. You might envision a beautiful garden, whether flower or vegetable is up to you. It’s easier than you think to bring that perfect picture in your mind to life. It’s difficult to make a beautiful garden a reality in your new home without enlisting a professional Denver landscaping service, especially if you moved here from out of state, because it is difficult to determine the best plants for your space. At My Landscaper, we have have the knowledge and experience to help you install your ideal garden in your Denver lawn. These are a few things to know about creating your dream garden.
  1. Sunlight Makes a Big Difference
    Depending on how the light hits your garden at different times of day, some plants may not thrive in your garden. It may be too much direct sunlight, or too little. You want to make sure that your plants last and bloom beautifully, and sunlight plays a big role in the health of your plants.
  2. Weather Patterns Are Important Factors
    It can take a lot of research to figure out which plants will survive the shifting weather patterns. Some plants can survive the cold weather at the root level, while others may freeze and die if the weather gets too cold. Similarly, some plants can’t handle high temperatures, and may wither unless they are given a lot of attention. A good landscaper may be able to recommend ways to preserve your garden during different seasons, such as covering the garden.
  3. The Type of Soil You Have May Not Be Ideal
    Different homes have different types of soil. Planting a long-lasting, consistently healthy garden may take some adjustments to your soil. To achieve your goals, you may need a landscaper to till your yard, or you may need a specific type of fertilizer to keep your garden going strong.
  4. Watering is Huge
    Many plants need different amounts of water to stay strong. A good landscaper can advise you on the best types of sprinklers and irrigation to take care of your garden, and can suggest which plants to keep away from the sprinklers for hand watering.
  5. Plants Need Maintenance and Care
    Plants are just like every living thing - they need certain things to survive and flourish. Whether it’s regular trimming, like with a rosebush, or sticks for viny flowers that need to grow upward to stay healthy. If you don’t know what kind of maintenance and care you need for your plants, you may have lots of plants die, which certainly isn’t part of your dream garden!
There are several reasons to hire one of our expert team members at My Landscaper. We’re experts when it comes to all types of Denver landscaping, and we can help you get the perfect garden by performing plantings for you, and advising you on the proper watering and maintenance for the plants we place in your garden for you. We have a partner company that will gladly perform routine maintenance on your landscaping if you are in need of assistance due to time constraints or other difficulties like back problems. Check out our Plantings page, and contact us to have professional landscapers come to your home and begin building your dream garden!

Box Planters: A Unique Denver Landscaping Idea

May 4, 2016

Box planters may seem like an old-timey concept. Window boxes, or window planters, were used widely at one point in time, and many people still use them. People are now coming up with more creative uses for box planters, including affixing them to walls and, more commonly, fences. Here are some of the cool things you can do with elevated box planters to add to your Denver landscaping plans.
  • Conserve Space - Some people attach these box planters, wooden or porcelain, to the external walls of their home in the front or backyard. This is a great way to get all those flowers, herbs, and everything else you’ve been longing for onto the main stage without having an overcrowded look to your yard. You can then use the space that would otherwise be claimed for other things - a fountain, a little fairy garden, a jacuzzi - whatever it is your heart desires.
  • Keep Your Lawn Safe - Herbs that spread like wildfire if they touch the ground, such as mint or chamomile, are easily kept away from the ground up in one of these great planters. You can enjoy the perks of having them while keeping them safely away from your yard. Unless you think having a backyard covered in mint is a great idea, this is a better option than pots that are lower to the ground.
  • Convenient Watering - Perhaps your grass and other in-ground plants need more watering than the flowers you love. Putting them above ground still allows you to have the convenience of a sprinkler system while keeping your precious flowers safe.
  • Easy on Your Body - Do you have a bad back? Having your favorite plants up in planters makes it easier to take care of and enjoy them without aggravating pre-existing injuries. You can simply leave the ground covered in grass, or the groundcover of your choice, and keep those plants that need more care and attention at a comfortable level.
  • Cover Up That Fence - Are you tired of looking at your fence all day? Whether or not you have beautiful flowers, bushes, hedges, or trees on your lawn, your fence could be a touchy point for you. If you are getting tired of looking at that same old fence every day, place your plant boxes directly on your fence. Paint the boxes any color you want. It’ll instantly liven up your backyard.
Fences can be a real eyesore. If they’re not perfectly stained or painted, they can turn an otherwise beautiful backyard perimeter into something a homeowner is ashamed of. Wooden fences take a lot of care and maintenance, and there is little you can do except replace the fence once the boards start to warp or crack. Metal fences don’t look nearly as attractive as a well-maintained wooden fence does. Whether it’s your backyard fence or the little white picket fence in your front yard, it’s important that your fence be in good condition and aesthetically pleasing. If you are having trouble with your fence, consider calling a landscaping service to replace it.

At My Landscaper LLC, we have experts that can install high-quality wood, and give you great advice on how to maintain your brand new fence. We’ll even help you put up those box planters. For more great advice on
Plantings, check out the services we offer. Make My Landscaper your go-to Denver landscaping service to take care of all of your home landscaping needs. You’ll never be disappointed with our excellent customer service and licensed professionals.

Professional Landscaping Services in Denver

February 5, 2016

A high-quality landscape can provide your home with a beautiful appearance, satisfy the aesthetic desires of your family, and increase the value of your real estate property. However, maintaining a landscape can be a difficult process that often requires you to hire professionals. If you are trying to cultivate a gorgeous landscape for your home or business, it can help to learn about the many benefits provided by Denver landscaping services.
  • Landscape Design:  The top Colorado landscaping companies can help design your ideal landscape. The professionals can collaborate with you to evaluate the spatial dimensions of your yard sections, showcase available options for each section, and enable you to select which landscaping features, such as water features or landscape lighting, and design styles are most appropriate for your home or business. You can also determine which plants will excel in the different microclimates of your yard. For instance, the experts have access to a diverse range of trees, grasses, plants, and garden materials. After you have made decisions regarding which plants to cultivate in the various areas of your yard, the professionals can then install your landscape. The advanced skills and superior experience enables the landscaping specialists to effectively cultivate the grass, trees, and gardens to enrich the beauty of the landscape and the quality of your home.  From start to finish, we at My Landscaper work with our clients to make sure that both the design and installation process go smoothly. 
  • Hardscape Features:  You can also have the Denver landscaping services provide hardscape features for your yard. The professionals can offer many hardscape options that can enhance your yard and compliment your plants. Many different types of hardscape features are available. For example, some of the best hardscape features include walkways, paver systems, fencing patterns, retaining walls, and brick or stone columns. Additionally, numerous hardscape features can also provide you and your family with convenient areas to gather outside, socialize on beautiful days, and enjoy the comfortable and delightful atmosphere of your yard. The professionals can provide you with many options and designs from with you can choose, including a wide variety of decks, patios and pergolas.   
  • Maintenance:  Premier Colorado landscaping companies can also relieve your workload by handling maintenance duties for you. Lawns and gardens often require consistent maintenance to ensure that the plants remain healthy and attractive. As a result, you can have the landscaping experts frequently assess the conditions of the plants, correct any problems that are developing in the yard, and fertilize each section of your landscape to ensure that each plant thrives. The professionals can also accurately determine which particular maintenance services can most effectively enhance the superior condition of your yard. For instance, landscaping experts can mow your lawn, weed your gardens, prune shrubs and trees, and perform lawn aeration services.  Additionally, receiving seasonal spruce-up services during the fall and spring enables landscaping professionals to make sure that your lawn is protected from damage during the winter and ready to flourish in the spring.    
Contact My Landscaper to help you cultivate the best yard possible. Our expert staff understands the importance of lawn care and would be glad to assist any of your landscaping needs. My Denver Landscaper will make your project stand out with our truly customized and highly functional services; we believe that it is our job to guide our customers and help them to make the right choices to meet their needs and budget.  Call us for a free estimate for your Denver landscape or hardscape project to maximize the beautiful appearance of your yard and the luxurious atmosphere of your home.