Water Features

Water features are one of the most exciting additions that can be designed into the landscape of your outdoor space. Whether you are going for a natural looking pond with streams or waterfalls, or a low-maintenance, pondless waterfall, we can help you to create an aquatic masterpiece that turns any garden into a paradise.

                          “IF YOU CAN DREAM IT—WE CAN BUILD IT”®

My Landscaper LLC is committed to bringing your idea of “paradise” into reality by building a water feature that will put a smile on your face and happiness in your home. We specialize in creating a natural looking ecosystem consisting of ponds, waterfalls and streams that are low maintenance and chemical-free*. The system we install is a system that works with minimal interaction and care. Our low-maintenance system makes owning a custom water feature affordable and user-friendly.

Enhancing Your Property with Different Water Feature Options

If you are a homeowner, you may want to improve the look of your property. One way to do so is to have a water feature installed. Simply put, a water feature is an enhancement used to change the appearance of your property and in many cases, give it some more appeal. There are different kinds of water features, some of which are fountains, ponds, and waterfalls. Let’s take a closer look.

Patio or Deck
If you don’t have enough space on your property to dedicate to a large water feature, you have the option of choosing a small one such as a tabletop fountain, bubbling water container, urn, or water garden container. A small water feature looks attractive on a deck or even a patio. Most of these are big enough to produce the lovely sound of running water or bubbling water.

Waterfalls and Fountains
Check out 10 Reasons to Introduce Fountains and Other Water Features into Your Garden to get some ideas for small water featers that can be easily moved around and used. Once taken out of the box, they will be ready to be plugged in and work. You can use a combination of small water features in adding an interesting background to a shaded area or woodland garden.

The Pond
For ponds, you can expect a larger install and careful planning. Most ponds will need to have a circulation system. This initiates constant water movement and a filtration system for maintaining clean water. Vinyl shells, vinyl liners, or fiberglass are also good choices because of their readiness to be installed. These come in various shapes, sizes, and prices.

The Location
Place your selected water feature away from gardens or lawns where water is running. Why? The water may have chemicals, bacteria, or debris in it. In addition, install the water feature away from trees or shrubs to avoid the shedding of pine needles or leaves. This will reduce maintenance and care.

Large Water Feature
For a larger water feature, you can make it more interesting by adding koi or goldfish. However, the depth of the pond has to be about two or three feet. If you reside in freezing temperature, then you need a deeper structure. For this, though, you need more planning and the help of a professional landscape designer. You can plant certain flowers around the edges. The plants will grow well because of being rooted in the mud. If your water feature is large enough, you could consider the use of floating plants like water ferns, water hyacinth, and lotus.

The Designer
Your landscape designer will know how to carefully place these plants if the water feature is close to a drainage system or stream. There are some plants that are highly pervasive and will invade the area. Your water feature may bring frogs and this is good because the frogs will help to control the mosquitoes and other bothersome pests. If you added a bird bath or bubbler, it would attract different species of birds, but especially hummingbirds.

The Maintenance
For maintenance, the landscaper will add vitamins, sugar, and salt to the water as frequently as necessary. Your landscape designer may also add other things such as sea weed and sea corals for added appeal. With the appropriate accessories and the right position, water features can effectively alter the ambience of your landscape significantly.

If you want to add the appropriate design to your landscape, contact My Landscaper today. You can call 720-882-5772 to discuss your specific landscape design needs.

Top Advantages of Having a Water Fountain in Your Yard

As a homeowner, there are multiple benefits to having a water fountain in your yard. It doesn’t matter if you install it in your backyard, private garden area, or front yard. It will always have that welcoming sound and lovely appearance as long as it is installed properly. Let’s look at some of the benefits of having an outdoor water fountain.

A Soothing Sound
For many years, Buddhist monks used water features in gardens as an area to mediate due to the soothing sound of the water. The image of the water also acts as a contemporary visualization and meditation exercise. The sound of trickling or running water tends to be psychologically relaxing, with the likelihood of helping individuals to loosen up and even fall asleep. The outdoor water fountain is a great stress reliever, no matter if you are listening intently to the sound or hearing it in the background. Due to its ability to drown out all kinds of sounds, water fountains act as a reinforcement to stress reduction. They can block out irritating sounds like a barking dog in the neighborhood, traffic, conversations nearby, construction work, or other bothersome sounds.

Bird Feeder
If you love birds, then you would probably like to have a water fountain or a bird feeder in your front or back yard. Even birds need to have water to drink, preen, and bathe. For birds that hardly go to a bird feeder, the water fountain becomes the alternative. Many birds have a preference for running water and not motionless water. For that reason, the outdoor water fountain becomes more attractive than the small circular bird bath or bird feeder. To attract even more birds, a trickling or splashing fountain is audible enough to hear from far away.

Pet Love
Your dog will definitely love to lap up some of that water for quenching the thirst during the hot weather. You just have to make sure that the fountain is kept clean with fresh water as regularly as possible. Your canine will enjoy the fresh water, especially when none other is anywhere to be found outdoors or the water bowl you have put out is empty. Additionally, a flowing fountain does not have to be cleaned as frequently, but a water bowl can collect insects, drool, and plant matter very quickly.

Your Guests
If you often entertain guests in your home, they will like the idea of sitting outside near the fountain. Have you ever sat in a park and just couldn’t take your eyes off the water fountain? That is the same effect that yours could have on your guests. You could consider entertaining on the outside more often. It musters a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

Relaxation and Health
If the environment is dry, a water fountain will add the humidity needed to keep out allergen and dust. It has already been purported that negative ions increase the production of serotonin, which is said to relieve depression and boost someone’s energy. Producing negative ions, the flow of the water has an immediate and positive impact on a person’s mood and ultimate health.

If you would like to improve your landscape with a water fountain, take a look at the website at My Landscaper today. You can make contact by calling 720-882-5772 to discuss your landscape design needs.

The Benefits of Denver Landscape Water Features

March 3, 2016

Installing attractive and soothing water features to your Denver landscape can significantly enhance the beautiful appearance and comfortable atmosphere of your home. The best landscaping companies can install many different types of water features, including ponds, waterfalls, fountains, and streams. Lawn experts can show you many options so you can determine which water feature style is most conducive for your yard. If you are interested in establishing the best possible landscape, you should learn about the many benefits that accompany Denver water feature services.
  • Beauty - Having top Denver landscaping companies install a water feature can enhance the beautiful aesthetic quality of your yard. Many aspects of the water features adorn the attractive appearance of your landscape. For instance, people often marvel at the beautiful sight of the clear water circulating through the pond, flowing along the stream currents, or gracefully gliding down the waterfall slopes. The beauty of the water is then further complimented by the lush and healthy plants that encompass and surround the water feature. As a result, the lavish beauty, luxurious splendor, and charming elegance radiated by the water feature can satisfy your family and impress your friends.   
  • Atmosphere - Denver water feature services can also enrich the atmosphere of your home. The experts can install features that emit very soothing sounds. The water features often emit the gentle and pleasing sounds of water flowing, streams murmuring, and waterfalls splashing. In turn, the pleasant sounds can generate a calm and relaxing atmosphere that is highly beneficial for your mind and body. Additionally, water features also attract various forms of wildlife that can further adorn the natural and lively ambiance of your landscape. The soothing sounds and the presence of beautiful wildlife provide many advantages. For example, the delightful atmosphere can help relieve stress, improve your moods, and increase your energy levels.  
  • Value - Having premier Denver landscaping companies install a water feature can also increase the value of your property. Most people find the exquisite beauty and the pleasant atmosphere facilitated by water features to be very attractive and appealing. Water features also add a unique quality to your landscape. For instance, the rareness of the water features and the customization of the designs distinguish your yard from most other yards in the neighborhood. As a result, the unique quality and the gorgeous appearance of the water features can increase the value of your real estate property. This makes water features very cost-effective, for the substantial increase in property value typically outweighs and supersedes the initial price of installation.
  • Low-Maintenance - Another benefit of Denver water feature services is that the features are very low-maintenance. Because the water can re-circulate throughout the system, the systems do not require significant amounts of water and do not need to be frequently refilled. The constant motion of the water also allows the systems to prevent bacteria growth and to remain clean without needing harmful chemicals. Although occasional maintenance is helpful, the water features can remain healthy and function effectively for an extensive period of time with minimal maintenance or watering requirements.
Contact My Landscaper to install your ideal water features. Our award-winning staff has acquired a prestigious reputation for providing superior and personalized landscaping services throughout the Denver area for over 30 years. We use the best landscaping products available, we can customize a water feature to accommodate your lawn, and we would be glad to design and install an exceptional water feature that can maximize the beautiful appearance and overall value of your home.   

Professional Landscaping Services in Denver

February 5, 2016

A high-quality landscape can provide your home with a beautiful appearance, satisfy the aesthetic desires of your family, and increase the value of your real estate property. However, maintaining a landscape can be a difficult process that often requires you to hire professionals. If you are trying to cultivate a gorgeous landscape for your home or business, it can help to learn about the many benefits provided by Denver landscaping services.
  • Landscape Design:  The top Colorado landscaping companies can help design your ideal landscape. The professionals can collaborate with you to evaluate the spatial dimensions of your yard sections, showcase available options for each section, and enable you to select which landscaping features, such as water features or landscape lighting, and design styles are most appropriate for your home or business. You can also determine which plants will excel in the different microclimates of your yard. For instance, the experts have access to a diverse range of trees, grasses, plants, and garden materials. After you have made decisions regarding which plants to cultivate in the various areas of your yard, the professionals can then install your landscape. The advanced skills and superior experience enables the landscaping specialists to effectively cultivate the grass, trees, and gardens to enrich the beauty of the landscape and the quality of your home.  From start to finish, we at My Landscaper work with our clients to make sure that both the design and installation process go smoothly. 
  • Hardscape Features:  You can also have the Denver landscaping services provide hardscape features for your yard. The professionals can offer many hardscape options that can enhance your yard and compliment your plants. Many different types of hardscape features are available. For example, some of the best hardscape features include walkways, paver systems, fencing patterns, retaining walls, and brick or stone columns. Additionally, numerous hardscape features can also provide you and your family with convenient areas to gather outside, socialize on beautiful days, and enjoy the comfortable and delightful atmosphere of your yard. The professionals can provide you with many options and designs from with you can choose, including a wide variety of decks, patios and pergolas.   
  • Maintenance:  Premier Colorado landscaping companies can also relieve your workload by handling maintenance duties for you. Lawns and gardens often require consistent maintenance to ensure that the plants remain healthy and attractive. As a result, you can have the landscaping experts frequently assess the conditions of the plants, correct any problems that are developing in the yard, and fertilize each section of your landscape to ensure that each plant thrives. The professionals can also accurately determine which particular maintenance services can most effectively enhance the superior condition of your yard. For instance, landscaping experts can mow your lawn, weed your gardens, prune shrubs and trees, and perform lawn aeration services.  Additionally, receiving seasonal spruce-up services during the fall and spring enables landscaping professionals to make sure that your lawn is protected from damage during the winter and ready to flourish in the spring.    
Contact My Landscaper to help you cultivate the best yard possible. Our expert staff understands the importance of lawn care and would be glad to assist any of your landscaping needs. My Denver Landscaper will make your project stand out with our truly customized and highly functional services; we believe that it is our job to guide our customers and help them to make the right choices to meet their needs and budget.  Call us for a free estimate for your Denver landscape or hardscape project to maximize the beautiful appearance of your yard and the luxurious atmosphere of your home.  

Outdoor Water Feature Ideas

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Installing outdoor ponds, creeks, and other Denver water features to your property’s landscaping is not only wonderful for overall beauty and creating a peaceful and relaxing environ, but it’s a great way to bring a creative flair to your outdoor living space.

When planning for a water feature, Denver homeowners may select from a wide selection of water feature designs due to the agreeable and changing temperatures of the Denver Colorado Rockies, which are great for landscape projects.
If you have decided to add Denver landscaping water features but are stumped by the many choices to select from, it’s a good idea to compare and contrast the different types of features in order to find one that is perfect for you and your landscaping needs.

Here are some pros and cons of a few of the more common water feature designs fromPortland landscape artist Brandon M. Wilson –

Natural Pools

A popular, natural-looking, and simple landscape water feature to install is the natural pool. All you need to do is line a hole in the ground with a rigid or flexible material and include a submersible pump and filtration system in order to keep the water clean. A nice finishing touch, and a clever way to cover up the noise of the pump, is to add a fountain or artificial waterfall.
– Is quite easy to install.
– Looks natural.
– You have control of how big or small you want the pond to be.
– Flexible liners are not as durable and can be vulnerable to punctures and leaks.
– Creating a pond can be labor intensive due to the amount of digging you may have to do.
– Keeping your water clean, and preventing things such as algae from infesting it, can be a challenge.

Wall Fountains

For compact water features, Denver residents may consider installing a wall fountain. These space-friendly water feature designs come in several vertical compositions and include a basin that catches and circulates water using a pump and tubes or pipes that are hidden behind the fountain.
– Great for compact spaces.
– Can come in kits that are quite easy to put together, or are available as ready-to-plug-in units.
– They do not come with an adjustable valve, and therefore you do not have control over the amount of water that flows down the fountain.
– Depending on the design, making your own wall fountain may cost almost the same amount as a wall fountain kit.


For yards that have more space to handle larger installations, man-made streams are great water features Portland homeowners can consider. Man-made streams work well in conjunction with natural pools; a stream can feed into another landscape water feature via a waterfall.
– Wonderful for informal landscapes.
– Great way to build upon a Denver landscape water feature you may already have.
– By planting decorative grasses and adding river rocks, you can turn your man-made stream into a natural scene.
– Installing a pump and plumbing system that routes water from the pond to the beginning of the stream is necessary.
– A lot of digging will need to be done in order to achieve a stream that is at least 15 feet long – streams look best at that length or longer.
– Building and maintaining this water feature can be pricey.

No matter what kind of water feature you are looking to install in your Denver landscape design, we are here to help. We are here to make your dream a reality and to help turn your outdoor space into a true Colorado oasis.