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Landscaping Services to Complement Popular Home Styles in Denver

March 22, 2017

With so many different plants, flowers, and trees out there to choose from, how can you decide what kind of landscaping you should add to your yard? It may be helpful if you consider the style of your home. Here’s a guide to help you determine which Denver landscaping services you should use based on the style of your home:


Modern homes have clean lines and are fairly minimalistic. To complement this type of home, it’s best to keep the landscaping as simple as the architecture. Pavers and concrete pathways work well with this type of home. As far as plants go, you should stick to low maintenance shrubs around the front of the home.


Ranch homes are typically one-story homes with a garage in the center instead of off to one side. To complement this style, it’s recommended that you use large trees on each side of the home and then smaller plants towards the center. Ranch homes tend to have large windows in the front, so be sure to place dense, but short plants underneath these windows. Many ranch homes are designed with large backyards, so your focus should be more on the backyard than the front.


Victorian homes are decorative, whimsical, and tend to be larger in size. This type of home calls for landscaping that is just as dramatic as the Victorian style. Homeowners should consider wrapping ivy around fences, or planting weeping willows. Bright and colorful gardens also complement the Victorian style well, so if you don’t mind the maintenance, add a small flower garden in the front or back of your home. Finish the landscaping off with an antique-looking bench that matches the rest of the home.


Contemporary homes are typically built with sustainable materials and designed with the environment in mind. Therefore, the landscaping should reflect this green lifestyle as well. Choose plants that are native to your area so they can grow freely without much maintenance. Everything you plant in front of a contemporary home should look natural—as if it just grew around the house on its own. You also have the option of adding a small, simple water fountain.


Craftsman homes are characterized by large front porches, beams in the front of the house, and wood or brick siding. Most craftsman homes have neutral color schemes, so you have the option of brightening the look of your home with a colorful flower garden near the front porch. Because there’s so much room on the front porch, you can also add hanging plants to add depth and draw guests’ eyes directly to the front door. Learn how to identify a craftsman style home: the history, types, and features.

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