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Denver Landscaping Paving the Way to a Professional Look

April 12, 2017

Homeowners everywhere are looking to improve their outdoor spaces for the coming spring and Denver landscaping can help provide you the opportunity to do the same. Winter will soon be in the rearview mirror giving rise to the season of outdoor entertaining. There is no time better time than the present to spruce up your landscaping in preparation. Whether tormented by a worn area where the grass won’t grow or in need of a new space altogether, pavers and stones can help provide the answer. Create your own patio, turn a path into a beautiful journey, or use eclectic stepping stones to guide both you and guests to your front door.


Paving stones can immediately improve the overall look and value of a home. Complemented by a wide array of uses, from a simple walk, a patio, to an entire driveway the benefits of pavers over a simple concrete slab are endless. Unlike concrete that can weather, stain, and crack over time; paving stones maintain their color, are more weather resistant and can be easily replaced if the need arises. Instead of having to redo an entire driveway due to cracks and discoloration, if needed, a single paver can be replaced with little to no expert assistance. Also, your color pattern is predetermined when selecting concrete for your home but pavers allow you to add vibrant colors or patterns immediately to enhance the overall landscaping surrounding the outdoors.

Stepping Stones

Introducing stepping stones onto your property can help alleviate worn paths in the grass or the tracking of mud and dirt into your home. A few well placed stones will keep guests from tracking through and ruining the hard work used to maintain a beautiful lawn. Stones can add to the landscaping by drawing attention toward a particular focal point while also serving a functional purpose. Like pavers, stones can be selected in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to fit the needs of any homeowner. Versatility and expression are premium benefits over the boring grey concrete of sidewalks.

Retaining Walls

Implementation of a retaining wall is often a necessity depending on the layout of your current yard. However, the wall does not have to take away from the aesthetics of its surroundings and can, in fact, be incorporated into one’s everyday lifestyle creating a multi-use purpose for the block. Like both the pavers and stepping stones, selection of an appropriate block pattern and color will enhance outward appearances. While the lay of the land will determine what height is needed for the structure, the style and pattern of the block used will set the tone. Read more about the 10 things you must know about retaining walls.

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