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How to Protect Your Denver Hardscapes From Tree Roots

May 17, 2017

Pavers are durable, which is why many homeowners choose to install them in their yards. However, just because they are durable does not mean they are indestructible. If a Denver hardscapes company is installing pavers in your yard, you will need to learn how to protect them from damage.

Tree roots are one thing that could potentially harm your pavers if they are not dealt with properly. If tree roots begin to grow underneath your pavers, they could eventually push the pavers off of the ground. This creates an uneven surface that is not only unsightly, but also dangerous. Here’s how to prevent tree roots from wreaking havoc on your new pavers:

Plan ahead.

Talk to the company that is installing your pavers to determine whether large tree roots in the area should be removed prior to the installation. Hardscaping professionals will be able to tell you whether the roots in your backyard pose a potential problem.

Sometimes, removing the roots of a tree can make the tree unstable or cause it die, which means the entire tree will need to be removed from your yard so it doesn’t fall on your home or injure anyone. Have this conversation with your hardscaping company before beginning the project to determine the best plan of action for your yard.

Create a barrier.

It’s important to note that if you remove roots from the area, they may eventually grow back unless the tree is completely removed from your yard. To avoid tree roots from growing underneath your pavers, you should talk to the hardscaping company about installing a deep root barrier. This barrier is a thick piece of plastic or concrete that is installed around the perimeter of the pavers. Putting a barrier like this in place will redirect the tree root growth so it cannot grow underneath your pavers.

Leave plenty of space.

If you are laying down pavers near trees, it’s important that you leave plenty of space between the pavers and the trees. How much space will you need? It’s recommended that you keep pavers a minimum of three feet away from the trees, but if you can leave around six feet of space, that’s even better.

Why is so much space necessary? Tree roots will continue to grow and spread out. It is estimated that the roots will extend one foot from the trunk for every inch of the tree trunk’s diameter. This means if the trunk has a diameter of 12 inches, the roots could extend up to 12 feet. Therefore, even if the tree roots are a few feet away from your pavers right now, they could inch their way closer and closer as time passes by. Learn more about tree roots, driveways, and sidewalks.

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