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Denver Plantings: Which Plants Keep Mosquitoes Away?

June 7, 2017

Do you plan on soaking up the sun and hosting outdoor gatherings this summer? If so, you may want to make sure that no uninvited guests such as mosquitoes crash your party. Instead of covering your backyard in harmful pesticides or spraying bug repellant all over your guests, the Denver plantings experts at My Landscaper recommend using these plants to ward off mosquitoes:


If you’ve ever read the ingredients of mosquito repellants, the name citronella may sound familiar. Citronella has a strong smell that covers scents that may attract mosquitoes, so it is often used in mosquito repellants. Instead of buying citronella in a mosquito repellant, simply plant it in your yard to keep bugs away. You can either plant citronella directly into the ground or keep it in large decorative pots on your porch.


Lavender is another strong-smelling plant that covers scents that usually attract mosquitoes. Besides keeping bugs far away from your home, lavender also smells incredible, looks beautiful, and is known to promote rest and relaxation. This is a great addition to your front or backyard if you’re hoping to spend your summer kicking back and relaxing.


Like citronella, peppermint is another plant that is often included in mosquito repellants. Not only does this plant repel adult mosquitoes, but it’s also been proven to kill the eggs of some species of mosquitoes. Placing peppermint around your outdoor gathering space will ensure that your guests are protected from pesky mosquitoes while they attend your party. Learn more about larvicidal and mosquito repellent action of peppermint oil.  


Catnip, which is related to the mint plant, also has the ability to keep mosquitoes away from your home. It contains a powerful chemical called nepetalactone that is unappealing to mosquitoes, but very appealing to cats. If you plant this in your yard, you definitely won’t have any mosquitoes buzzing around your guests, but you might attract a few cats from the neighborhood instead.

Lemon Balm

Lemon balm has an intoxicating scent that keeps mosquitoes away. However, other flying creatures such as bees and butterflies may not be able to resist the sweet, citrusy scent of a lemon balm plant. If you don’t want bees or butterflies to disrupt your party, you may want to consider other plants on this list. If you don’t mind, then be sure to place lemon balm plants in pots instead of planting them directly into the ground. Why? This plant can grow quickly and take over a large section of your yard if it’s planted directly into the ground. It’s much easier to contain if it planted into a pot, so find a few decorative pots and place them around your front and back porch to keep mosquitoes from ruining your celebration.
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