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Denver Landscaping Services: Choosing A Garden Style For Your Yard

July 19, 2017

Many people seek Denver landscaping services so they can add a garden to their yard. But, there are many different types of gardens, so you will need to decide which one is right for your lawn. Here are some of the most popular choices:


Your mind may immediately think of bright, colorful flowers when you think of the word “garden,” but some gardens don’t have any flowers at all. If you’re interested in growing your own food and adding more greenery to your yard, a vegetable garden is the perfect choice for you. Here are the easiest vegetables to grow in Colorado.


Do you want to give your yard a southwestern, desert vibe? If so, consider creating a garden using cacti, succulents, and wood accents. These gardens are bold and will help you set the tone for the rest of your landscaping. Another bonus? Desert-style gardens are low maintenance, so you won’t have to spend your weekend working in your yard.


Whereas desert gardens are low maintenance, English-style gardens are the exact opposite. English gardens are characterized by tons of flowers, quiet walkways, and trimmed bushes. If you decide to create this type of garden in your backyard, you should plan on allocating a significant amount of space to it in order to achieve the look. You will also need to commit to either maintaining the bushes on your own or hiring a landscaping company to ensure they remain trimmed at all times.


Homeowners also have the option of creating a lush oasis in their backyards with a tropical garden. This style of garden typically consists of water features such as fountains or ponds, plants with large, green leaves, and exotic flowers. Work with your landscaping team to identify bright and bold flowers that will grow well in the Denver climate.


Asian gardens are known for being simplistic and having clean lines. If you create an Asian garden in your yard, be sure to incorporate small, tranquil water features and lots of stone accents. Also, be willing to dedicate a bit of your time to maintaining the neat and tidy look of your garden.


Some homeowners want to create a garden just so they can attract butterflies to their yards and marvel at their beauty. If this is your dream, it’s important to plant flowers that will quickly draw butterflies into your yard. Find nectar and pollen-rich wildflowers and combine them with dill and milkweed, which are two plants that butterfly larvae feed on. This is the perfect combination to bring butterflies into your garden.

Ready to create a garden in your backyard? The first step is deciding which style of garden you would like. After this decision has been made, it’s time to contact a landscaping company to begin the transformation of your yard. Our team can help you bring your landscaping vision to life! Call My Landscaper, the premier landscaping design company in Denver. Contact us today to discuss your landscaping needs with our team of experts!