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Landscaping to Help Sell Your Home

By Bryn Abshire - June 5, 2015

Most people who have ever bought or sold a home are familiar with the term “curb appeal”, where you make the exterior of your home look more appealing by landscaping and staging the outside space. Overgrown shrubs, empty flower pots, an abundance of weeds and decaying decks and outdoor structures can create a barrier to entry for some potential buyers, where they assume the condition and care on the outside of the property may reflect the condition of the interior of the home. If you are hoping to sell your home soon or even some time in the next few years, consider taking the time to look at your outdoor space and focus on the improvements that can be made both now and over time. Some estimates claim that an attractive and well-maintained outdoor landscape can add as much as 10% to the value of a home.

While landscape design and creating curb appeal can be a very important aspect to successfully selling a home, keep in mind that people have varying opinions on landscaping and personal taste plays a huge part in landscape conception and design. That being said, if you are readying your home for sale it is important to select a neutral and clean landscape design that fits with the style of your home, is easy on the eyes, and steers clear of major design elements that are particular to your own personal taste. You want the potential buyer to be inspired by your home and to see the limitless possibilities it provides, not to be overwhelmed by a loud or obtrusive landscape design. Our team of landscape experts can help you select the perfect features to add to your home to give it just the right amount of sophistication and design appeal, without overwhelming a potential buyer. Pops of colors in flower pots by the entry way, fresh mulch in the flower beds, shrub and tree-trimming and a good deck or fence power wash can go a long way in prepping your home to sell.

Whether you are taking on a landscape project to help your property sell, or have recently purchased a new home that is in need of some landscape work, our professional Denver landscape designers at My Landscaper will be happy to speak with you about your needs. Even the simplest of updates can make a huge difference to your home’s value and provide you with an exciting outdoor space for years to come!