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How to Prioritize Denver Landscaping Services

August 16, 2017

Are you full of landscaping ideas? You may not have the time or budget to tackle all of your ideas at once, so you have to learn how to prioritize the projects you have in mind. This way, you can tackle one project at a time without taking on more than you can handle. Here’s how to prioritize various Denver landscaping services:

Water Drainage

The next time there is a heavy rainstorm, walk around your yard to see if there is any standing water. If water is not draining properly in your yard, fixing this should be your first priority. Standing water can attract mosquitos and other pests, and if it’s too close to your home, it could eventually weaken your foundation and lead to leaks.


Next on your list of priorities should be healthy, green grass. Think of grass as the foundation of your landscaping design. If your grass is brown and patchy, the rest of your landscaping simply won’t look as nice. Don’t move forward with your landscaping plans until you have established a solid foundation by planting real or artificial grass.


After you have taken care of any water issues and laid down fresh grass, move on to hardscaping. This will be one of the pricier landscaping projects, so it’s a good idea to give yourself some time to save for it. Your home may already have some hardscaping, such as a walkway up to your front door, so work with your landscaper to determine how you can build off of what you already have. Can you transform your basic backyard deck into a space where you can entertain friends and family? Can you extend the walkway in your backyard so it takes you from the porch to the shed? Develop a strategy with your landscaper based on your current needs.

Decorative Plants & Flowers

Now that you’ve completed the basics, calculate how much you have left in your budget. The remainder of your landscaping budget can be used on decorative flowers and plants that add curb appeal to your home. If you don’t have much left to spend, focus on adding plants and flowers to key areas such as around the mailbox, near your front door, and bordering walkways. If you still have money left, work with your landscaper to determine where else you could add some color and texture with plants and flowers.


No landscape design is complete without outdoor lighting. This should be the final step in the process so you can strategically place the lights to shine on different elements in your design. For example, you can place outdoor lights alongside walkways or on the edge of a beautiful flowerbed. Learn all about landscape lighting.

Now that you know how to prioritize projects, are you ready to transform your lawn with landscaping? Our team can help you bring your vision to life! Call My Landscaper, the premier landscaping design company in Denver. Contact us today to discuss your landscaping needs with our team of experts!