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Deck Design Ideas for 2017 from Your Denver Landscaping Company

August 30, 2017

While the summer is rolling along you’re probably noticing that you’re outside in your yard much more often now that it’s finally nice out. You’re also probably wishing that you had an envious outdoor space with a beautiful deck ready to accommodate guests and cookouts. Sure, you can have a beautiful deck with a style that’s been around for ages, but there are several new trends for 2017 that you might want to implement into your design. Take these ideas from your Denver Landscaping Company!


Not just for jeans anymore, distressed decks are making a splash in 2017. Homeowners recently are enjoying rustic embellishments to their home, and decks are no different. This type of style is venturing into your outdoor living space. Distressed decks are low maintenance because they look naturally aged and weathered down.

Different Levels

Everyone wants a great view from their backyard, and when you add levels to your deck you gain different viewpoints to enjoy! Instead of a standard, flat deck, talk with your Denver landscaping company about multi-level design to upgrade your deck!

Complementary Colors

There are so many wood material options out there now for your decking needs, where an abundance of color choices are available for you to choose from. You can mix and match color choices for a two-toned design, pairing dark and light choices to add style and dimension to any deck.

Bend It Like Beckham

Curved and round decks are increasingly popular in 2017. Gone are the days where decks could only be square or rectangular in shape! Treating lumber to be able to bend is a lengthy, extensive process so it’s important to discuss your curved deck idea before committing to it!


Your deck’s primary purpose will be for entertaining, so make sure it’s as convenient and enjoyable as possible for your guests. Customers are increasingly asking for railing around their deck that supports an attractive deck board used to place refreshments and food as they please.

A Deck for All Seasons

A common misconception about decks is that you can only use or enjoy them in the warmer months. This isn’t true anymore due to the modernization of outdoor heating and lighting. Deck use is extending into the fall and winter months, believe it or not. Fire pits continue to grow in popularity as well as heaters, making your deck comfortable as the temperature drops.

By educating yourself on the recent deck trends for 2017, you’ll soon realize that the possibilities are endless! No more plain, boring, or square decks in your outdoor space - it’s time for something new! Read up on other cutting edge deck trends for 2017.

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