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What To Do When You Have Excess Lawn Water or Lawn Drainage Problems

June 15, 2015

We are usually lucky enough to have over 300 days of sunshine in beautiful, sunny Colorado but the heavy rains we have been experiencing throughout May and into June have quite literally put a damper on many an outdoor party and landscape plan. Aside from getting in the way of your weekend plans, the excess rain in recent weeks can also cause significant problems for your yard. Many Denver homeowners are experiencing rings of dead grass on their lawns. This is a problem known mostly commonly as “frog eye” (because of the shape of the spot it leaves on your lawn) and is caused by a fungus. Water clogged soils also cause turf rot, which causes damage to your grass. When we are getting as much rain as we have been lately, it is important to remember to turn off your automatic sprinkler system so that your lawn does not become over-watered.
Aeration services, where professionals create deep holes in the soil to help grass roots get more oxygen, are a great way to combat some of the problems caused by excess water and to help prevent root rot. Our landscape professionals will come out and perform expert aeration on your lawn if you are having any of these issues.
Another common issue that is brought to many homeowners’ attention when heavy rain hits is lawn drainage problems. If water sits on your yard for hours or even days after a rainfall, you likely have poor lawn drainage. Aside from obvious lawn problems associated with poor lawn drainage, sitting water can become an even bigger problem if it begins to seep into your home’s foundation, leading to cracks, mold and other potential structural issues.
For all of these reasons it is important to address your lawn drainage problems right away. Our professional landscapers and lawn experts will help you craft a plan to either aerate your lawn, divert water away from your lawn or create drainage options for your yard. Call us today!