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Hardscaping Options: Your Guide to Pavers

When it comes to choosing a sealer for your Denver hardscaping job, it seems like there are more choices than ever. Paver sealers have three main functions:
  • They help with paver fading from UV rays
  • They enhance the look and color of the pavers by making the apperance look shiny or wet
  • They solidify and stabilize the sand that joins the pavers together
Solvent based paver sealers are the most popular because it has been around the longest. Usually, they will darken a surface and come in matt, semi-gloss, and high-gloss. They last about two years and generally only one coat is needed. However, it may need to be rolled on instead of being sprayed.

Water based paver sealers are relatively new and can be applied with a sprayer. It hardens sand joints very well, however, multiple coats will be needed. The look won’t be as dark or as shiny as a solvent based sealer and can be prone to tire marks on a hot day.

With all the different types and brands of paver sealers, it’s important to ask your Denver hardscaper what will look and protect your pavers most effectively. Have more questions about sealers? Don’t hesitate to call My Landscaper at (720)882-5772.