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Denver Landscape Problem: Excessive Water & Drainage Improvements

Garden Drainage, Drainage Problems & Your Denver Lawn

With all the rainfall recently in Denver, it may have led to some drainage problems around your house. There are many causes of drainage problems such as storm water runoff from your roof, bad lot grading, or presence of ground water. Drainage problems can cause serious damage to your house’s foundation and structural failure and can cause costly repairs later. It can also cause wet basements, excessive erosion, landscape saturation, and moisture and mold inside your home.

Soil and garden drainage is a common problem in a Denver residential property. There are numerous causes such as high water tables, low grading compared to surrounding properties, layers of hard materials below the soil, or extremely compacted soil. Poor garden or lawn drainage prevents oxygen from reaching the roots of plants and can cause rot or fungus. Once you take steps to improve soil drainage, the health of your grass and garden will improve.

My Landscaper assesses drainage problems and we provide the best solution possible for your particular situation. Having drainage issues? Contact My Landscaper and we can provide a drainage inspection – we specialize in evaluating and providing solutions to water drainage issues so you can prevent costly damages to your home and yard