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Installing a Pergola in your Denver Back Yard

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By Bryn Abshire - August 7, 2015

If you are looking to give your outdoor space a touch of distinction and style, consider having a pergola installed. Pergolas are not just stylish, they are highly functional because they help to shelter your outdoor area from extreme sun and wind, and they also give your patio area the feel of an outdoor room and really helps to pull the space together. Here are some of the main reasons why installing a pergola will not only improve your outdoor enjoyment, but also contribute to the value of your home.

1- Comfort & Enjoyment: Coloradans love to spend time outdoors and we are lucky enough to have over 300 days of sunshine every year, but when you aren’t up for a hike in the mountains or a bike ride around the town, there’s nothing better than spending some time outside in the comfort of your own backyard. Installing a pergola will allow you to comfortably spend much more time outside as it provides shade and shelter from things like extreme sun or light rain. With a pergola built into your Colorado backyard landscape, your patio area becomes more versatile and user-friendly. Families, gardeners and those who love to entertain will all enjoy benefits to the ambience that a custom pergola will bring to their outdoor space.

2- Aesthetics & Design: Yes, pergolas are practical, but they are also beautiful! With so many materials and designs to choose from the possibilities for your pergola are nearly endless. Installing a pergola can contribute to the overall landscape design of your backyard, and is an opportunity to express your own personal sense of style outdoors.

3- Increased Property Value: No matter the size or style, by adding a pergola or outdoor deck you are essentially increasing the square footage/floor space of your home or property, and more space usually means higher value! Pergolas and the sense of having an outdoor “room” is an attractive feature people who are looking to buy a home in Colorado. An investment like a pergola is one well made - Installing a pergola will not only give your family lots of enjoyment, but will also make your home stand out against the crowd should you ever choose to sell.

Installing a pergola will help to create an outdoor oasis in your very own back yard. Our landscape designers and artists will help to create the perfect look for your outdoor space. Give My Landscaper a call today and we will get to work