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Water Feature Denver: Installing a Water Feature to Your Landscape Design

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Water features create a focal point for any outdoor space, and can turn even the smallest of yards into a peaceful and serene place to spend your time.  From outdoor ponds and waterfalls, to fountains large and small, My Landscaper will design and install the water feature of your dreams in your Denver backyard. And as with any custom addition to your yard and landscape design, adding a water feature will also add value to your home. Our professionals will factor in the size and lay-out of your outdoor space, as well as your personal ideas and wishes for a water feature.

After the water feature has been expertly designed and installed by My Landscaper, it is important to conduct routine maintenance so that it stays as beautiful and functional as the day it was installed. This is particularly important for ponds that contain fish and certain kinds of plants. Left unattended, these kinds of additions can become dirty and problematic. That being said, don't let maintenance deter you from installing a water feature! Most ponds and water features will last 10-20 years with minimal maintenance, and My Landscaper will conduct routine maintenance on your water feature as part of your landscape maintenance plan.

If you have an existing water feature that is leaking or not in tip-top condition, we can help with that as well. Poor design, weak materials, improper installation and age are the most common causes of problems that occur with outdoor water features - from small leaks to a complete breakdown of the facility. As with many landscape and home repair issues, it is best to catch these kinds of problems early and fix them quickly, to avoid potentially worse problems down the road.

When all is considered, adding an outdoor water feature, waterfall or pond to your Denver home brings much enjoyment, beauty and value to your home. Whether you  are ready to install a water feature or simply want to know what kind of water feature will work best for your property, give us a call at My Landscaper for an estimate of our services.