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Corpse Flower Blooms at Denver's Botanic Gardens

Here at My Landscaper we love flowers of all types, but during the past few weeks Denverites have had an increased interest in one flower in particular – the Amorphophallus titanium, better known as the corpse flower. This flower recently bloomed at the Denver Botanic Gardens and is well-known not only because it takes a very long time to bloom but also for its unique and “stinky” smell odor.

The plant’s first bloom can take anywhere from 8-20 years and then subsequent blooms can be as far as a decade apart. Over the course of a few weeks the flower reaches the height of its bloom and for several days during this period is supposed to emit the aroma of rotting flesh. This is the Denver Botanic Garden, and the entire Rocky Mountain Regions’, first ever corpse flower bloom! Thousands of visitors have stopped by the DBG to take in this rare sight, and smell. There was even a live video feed online for those who diligently wanted to watch the flower’s progress.

Of course, the corpse flower is not practical for your home landscape design, but it is just another one of nature’s amazing creations that we marvel at as landscapers and true appreciators of nature. We work with flowers and plants of all kinds, and will create the unique garden and landscape that you desire for your home or business. Give us a call today.