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Landscape Lighting for Your Denver Home

Outdoor Lighting & Lighting Design

Chances are you've dirven by a house or two with beautiful lighting features that make you both envious and inspired – and we’re not talking about just around Christmastime. A gorgeous night lighting display in front of your home can add a ton of curb appeal, as well as provide a practical solution for common security issues. Whether you are hoping to add ambiance to your front yard, or create an evening sactuary in your back yard, the professional landscape artists at My Landscaper can help. We work in outdoor spaces of all shapes and sizes, and will work with your design preference to create a functional, beautiful outdoor lighting scheme for your home.

Before deciding on outdoor lighting plan for your home or yard, here are a few things to think about:
  1. Design
Through technology, it’s easier than ever to see what your house looks like with various landscape lighting effects. There’s actually software now that can be used to visualize what night lighting will look like based on simple digital renderings laid onto a real photo of your house. With new technology coming out all the time, you can be increasingly confident in how your lighting design will result. The one tip that should never be overlooked, though, is to choose experienced landscapers who never compromise integrity and quality for the sake of aesthetics.
  1. Planning
As fantastic as your dream lighting display is, there are some practical considerations for the actual procurement of which types of lights to buy. LED lights are a great choice for keeping energy costs low and have a longer product lifespan than incandescent alternatives. For the environmentally-conscious, low voltage is key, and solar lighting can be a feasible choice for homes right here in Colorado. Colors and styles are the fun part – there are usually plenty of options to choose form.
  1. Safety
Floodlights, path lights, or spot lights? The best choice in lighting fixtures comes down to functionality. Aesthetics provide the initial ‘wow’ factor, but if you’re drawing more attention to your home without considering safety and security, we’re here to point you towards some additional – and necessary – uses of outdoor lighting. Avoid stumbling around the backyard or on any walkways surrounding your house – outdoor lights are a safety feature that ensure your family members or guests can navigate around with ease. Outdoor lights also enhance your home’s security, by discouraging theft and criminal mischief by highlighting potential points of entry into your home.

At My Landscaper we like to say that “If you can dream it – we can build it.” It’s easy to build the lighting-scape of your dreams, because anything is possible. We will work within your budget and the size and layout of your outdoor space to craft the perfect outdoor lighting plan for your home. If you’re not entirely sure what you want, just tell us the general ambiance you want and any lighting ideas you don’t like – with those parameters, we’ll create a design that will surpass your expectations. Give us a call today (720) 882-5572 and we’ll start turning your home’s landscape into an evening oasis.