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Fall and Winter Watering Tips

Now that Colorado’s summer is winding down, people often start to turn off their sprinklers in preparation for the colder weather. However, did you know that extended dry periods during the fall and winter can cause injury or even death to parts of plant root systems? Once plants become weakened, then become more susceptible to disease they become. In order to maintain the health of your Denver lawn, it’s important to know and when to water. Follow these guidelines to ensure your grass stays healthy all year round:
  • Only when the temperature is above 40 degrees with no snow cover should you water
  • Water your lawn mid-day to allow time for it to soak in and so it doesn’t freeze at night
  • Once or twice a month, water deeply. This is recommended for grass when there are extended dry periods without snow cover
  • Your lawn may require additional watering if it’s in direct sunlight or in a windy area. Watering properly is the best defense against late winter mite damage.
With Colorado’s low precipitation, fluctuating temperatures, and low precipitation, your lawn can take a beating. Even if it’s winter and cold outside, make sure you give your lawn the full attention and care it needs to make sure it comes back in full health in the summer when you use it most.
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