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Tips for Denver Snow Removal

November 20, 2015

Just this week, snow in Denver began to fall and the coming winter season looks like it is going to be a white, frozen wonderland. We were lucky here in the Denver area that we only got a few inches of snow and that most areas fell considerably short of the predicted blizzard. What is an important indicator is that the first major snowfall of the season occurred in the middle of November, rather than in late December. Weather outlets around the world, including the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) are predicting higher than average snowfalls for Colorado. As the flakes fall and accumulate, My Landscaper has some tips for Denver snow removal.
  • Safety Above All – Whether it’s a residential or commercial property, everyone should be aware of the dangers they could face. The #1 cause of injury as it relates to snow removal is gravity. Removing snow from rooftops is how falls tend to happen. Ledges and skylights can be significantly more dangerous than they appear to be. If you’re intimately familiar with your roof, you can reduce accidents. Familiarizing yourself with details such as the maximum load allowance your roof can support, you can take into account the amount of snow and ice before going up there yourself or sending an employee.
  • Clear Snow Often, Not Just Once – It may seem like you’re doing more work, but if you remove a couple of inches at a time, once every few hours, you’ll actually be doing yourself a huge favor. In terms of energy spent, you’re better off clearing away the snow a little at a time before it accumulates. Trying to clear off 12-18 inches at once can prove more taxing than you can imagine. To make matters worse, as new snow falls, the snow beneath may freeze and create a layer of ice. Ice is far more difficult to remove than snow, and much more hazardous to your family or customers.
  • Correct Lifting – Snow removal isn’t much different from lifting heavy boxes or equipment. If you don’t show proper technique in lifting everyday items, you’ll injure yourself. This is no different when it comes to moving large amounts of snow. Before undertaking snow removal, stretch and warm your muscles up first. When temperatures are low enough for snow to accumulate, it’s more important than ever to keep your muscles warm. Cold temperatures can cause cramping and premature exhaustion. The same lifting methods you use for everyday heavy items goes for snow removal as well. Lift with your legs, not your back and, if you can, purchase an ergonomic snow shovel to encourage proper lifting.
My Landscaper is glad to give you this tips for your Denver snow removal. However, we highly recommend you leave the heavy stuff to us. We can take care of all your snow removal needs, both for commercial properties and residential homes. There is no job too big or too small for us to handle. Contact My Landscaper today for a quote on snow removal for your walkways, driveways, parking lots, and roofs.