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4 Ways Outdoor Landscape Lighting Enhances Your Home

December 4, 2015

Most people understand the importance of curb appeal for their home. But what does your home look like after dark? If you have put a lot of hard work into your landscape you may be wondering how to illuminate your yard with landscape lighting. There are a number of Denver landscape lighting approaches to take into consideration when illuminating your home. Below are four of the most common ways people outdoor lighting to enhance their home.


Safety and Security

One of the main reasons to add lighting to your outdoor space is to increase security and make the space safer for those using it. Motion-activated flood lights and down lights will add a good amount of security without a high pricetag. And adding lights to walkways and stairs will help to decrease the risk of tripping or stumbling. This helps to keep friends and family safe while they enjoy your outdoor space.


Accent Lighting

Utilizing lights to draw attention to unique details around your home can add a touch of elegance. Use spotlights to accent interesting architectural features, statuary, or unique plants and trees. Opt for wider beam spread to highlight walls and facades. It is also important to use accent lighting sparingly to keep the overall look of your home natural and refined.


Enhance Aesthetics

There are a number of ways you can use outdoor lighting to enhance the beauty of your home and landscape. Many people elect a symmetrical approach because it is universally attractive and elicits a positive response. A simple way to do this is to balance lighting on either side of your home. However, that does not mean lighting needs to be the same on both sides. Each side only needs to have an equivalent look and feel. This lighting method can also be used in a more dramatic manner to make a statement in your landscaping. Carefully employed spotlights and floodlights are one option for creating a bold design.


Mood Lighting

If a more minimalist approach is your style, there are several ways you can create an inviting environment for entertaining guests after dark in a way that feels more subdued. This kind of romantic atmosphere is created using plenty of moonlighting, low light levels, and more back and side lighting. With this approach, you want to include enough lighting to allow for safe movement around the landscape without the use of bright spotlights. Downlighting, silhouetting, and backlighting are just some of the approaches used when creating a landscape lighting design that feels more natural.  

Carefully planned lighting is a great way to guarantee your home makes a beautiful first impression no matter what time of day it is. Take a look at our gallery to get some inspiration on everything you need for a beautiful landscape design. If you need help deciding what lighting is right for your outdoor space, contact My Landscaper today and let us design the perfect lighting plan for your home.