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Your Dream Outdoor Space for 2016: Ideas for Hardscapes in Denver

December 22, 2015

Had it with the snow already and longing for spring? Even though we’ve still got months of winter ahead of us, there’s nothing wrong with dreaming. And thinking about your dream outdoor space (free of snow and ice, of course) may include hardscaping. Hardscapes are the permanent structures that add both visual appeal and functionality to your landscape. So what could your dream outdoor space include in 2016?
  • Pavers – Need a better way to get from here to there in your yard? Contemplating a nice place to entertain in warm weather? Consider installing paver walkways or a patio. Pavers come in many different colors and materials, including brick, concrete, natural stone, flagstone, and an interlocking option—which are pavers designed to form a pattern once installed. Pavers are a classic way to add beauty and functionality to any outdoor space. And the added bonus is that you can use pavers for a driveway, as well.
  • Retaining walls – A retaining wall is useful in a few ways: to hold back soil in sloped or uneven sections of your landscaping, to elevate planting areas to create better drainage, or to offset a raised outdoor living space. Because one side of the wall faces the soil and the other is free-standing, a retaining wall can also provide a natural place to sit and enjoy the view. In fact, some retaining walls can actually be built as “seat walls,” with a platform designated expressly for comfortable seating.
  • Fencing – Fences and gates, in addition to marking off boundaries and property lines, can also partition certain areas within your yard, such as a vegetable or flower garden, or even a swimming pool. Options in fencing materials are plentiful these days, including both wood and non-wood alternatives, wrought iron, vinyl, chain link, aluminum, and bamboo. Additionally, a fence or gate can do double-duty by providing a place to install cameras, buzzers, or intercoms for extra security.
  • Pergolas – When you need respite from the sun during the summer or a covered outdoor room for the cooler months, a pergola is just the ticket, providing a decorative and inviting space to both entertain and relax for much of the year. Pergolas can be attached to your house as a patio covering, or they can be built as a free-standing structure to cover a walkway or other area of your yard. And the design possibilities are endless: wood or vinyl, open roof or solid roof, small or large, and much more.
  • Decks – When it comes to adding value to your home, there’s almost no better way to do so than with a deck. But decks do more than just increase property value; they also serve a variety of practical purposes. Decks are great for hosting barbecues and other outdoor parties or events, for showcasing a hot tub or a fire pit, or for just relaxing on some lounge chairs and soaking up the sun. Whatever your desires, a deck can be designed and built to satisfy.
For even more ideas for Denver hardscapes, contact the professionals at My Landscaper today: 720-882-5772.