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The 10 Best Trees for Your Denver Planting

January 22, 2016

Tree diversity in Colorado has seen recent crises including the discovery of an Emerald Ash Borer infestation in Boulder. This has revealed the urgency for members of the Green Industry to seek out more hardy and appropriate tree species for our region. There are other reasons to seek out trees better adapted to our climate. As climate scientists continue to inform us, it’s likely Colorado’s climate will get warmer and drier, providing even more challenging growing conditions for trees. This is why MyLandscaper, your premier Denver landscaping company, has come up with a list of the ten best trees for our Colorado climate.

  • Manzano Bigtooth Maple –  Ht: 20-30’ Wd: 20-30’
    The Manzano Bigtooth Maples are large shrubs or small trees with rounded form. The Manzano is a more tree like form of the bigtooth maple. Once established, the bigtooth maples are drought tolerant, ideal for the long, dry summers of the Front Range.

  • Morton State Street Maple – Ht: 50’ Wd: 35’
    Rough corky bark and leaf shapes are similar to Hedge Maple, but it’s stronger growth rate and ascending branch habits result in a larger mature size. An adaptable tree that is excellent for drought and cold tolerance.

  • Collins Caddo Sugar Maple – Ht: 45’ Wd: 40’
    This maple provides red fall color, but unlike a red maple like Autumn Blaze, the sugar maples are more adapted to the alkaline soils of Colorado’s Front Range urban corridor.

  • Rugged Charm Maple – Ht: 28’ Wd: 15’
    With a compact oval form, the Rugged Charm Maple is more upright than the popular Hot Wings Tatarian maple.

  • Bullet Proof Bur Oak – Ht: 50-80’ Wd: 50-80’
    This large oak sports a massive trunk, deeply furrowed, and supports corky ridged twigs on spreading branches making for a broad and rounded canopy. This variety is more resistant to the galls that can affect other Bur Oaks.

  • Chinkapin Oak – Ht: 40’ Wd: 40’
    A durable and adaptable oak with narrow radiant glossy dark green leaves and an open, irregular, rounded habit. One thing to keep in mind is Chinkapin Oak prefers well-drained soil.

  • Streetspire Oak – Ht: 45’ Wd: 14’
    The dark green leaves of this narrowly columnar tree are mildew resistant. Turning red in autumn, they fall to reveal stiffly upright branches. Similar to Crimson Spire, but does not hold brown foliage through the winter

  • David Elm – Ht: 40’ Wd: 30’
    A medium sized tree, with vase shape, it is resistant to Dutch elm disease.

  • Emerald Sunshine Elm – Ht: 35’ Wd: 25’
    Grown from seeds collected in China, this sturdy, upright-growing elm was selected for superior performance on the hot, arid, windswept plains of western Oklahoma. Handsome, deeply corrugated leaves emerge coppery-bronze and mature to glossy green.

  • Accolade Elm – Ht: 70’ Wd: 60’
    Arching limbs and an elegant vase shape similar to the American elm characterize this hybrid elm. Glossy, dark green foliage changes to yellow in the fall and is resistant to elm leaf beetle feeding.

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