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Utilize Drainage Systems in Your Denver Landscape Design

February 19, 2016

A healthy and prolific lawn can significantly enhance the beauty and comfort of your home. However, insufficient water draining systems can damage your yard, prevent oxygen from reaching the roots of your plants, and render your lawn vulnerable to develop rot and fungus problems. Landscapers can help you avoid these problems by installing or improving your draining system. If you are trying to cultivate an exceptional lawn, it can help to understand the Denver yard drainage services that landscapers can fulfill.   

Soiling Techniques

The top Denver landscaping companies can modify your soil to provide an optimal drainage system. Many drainage problems develop because of soiling problems.  For instance, thick patches of compacted soil or uneven slopes in your yard can cause standing pools of water to accumulate and remain stagnant in the affected area. Landscaping professionals can implement many soiling techniques to improve the draining system of your lawn. The experts create pores and channels in the soil to ensure that the water penetrates through the ground and circulates properly throughout the yard. Professional landscapers also insert organic matter into the affected area, such as leaves, peat moss, compost, and humus products. Incorporating more organic matter into the soil can improve the aeration flow, increase the soil microbes, and reduce the soil compaction in the affected area.

Underground System

Many yard drainage services can also solve your problems by installing underground drainage systems. These underground systems enable premier landscaping professionals to excavate the soil in the affected area, install plastic pipes or drainage tiles, and then arrange the pipes and tiles to drain water out of the area and to more effectively distribute the water throughout the various sections of your lawn. French drains can also improve the drainage system of your lawn. The underground French drain enables the experts to dig a trench and then fill the trench with loose drainage materials that facilitate proper water movement, such as gravel, rocks, or pebbles. Additionally, landscapers typically install a drainage well system. Drainage wells entail compacted soil and hard sub-layers that provide channels for the water to flow and circulate after heavy rain storms.   

Water Features

The best Denver landscaping companies can also install water features to improve your drainage systems. Common water features include ponds, streams, and waterfalls. Many advantages accompany pond systems. These systems can collect excess water from rainstorms, effectively attract and redirect water from vulnerable areas, and facilitate a steady flow to maintain proper water movement and to prevent standing water issues from developing. Ponds can also generate ideal water circulation patterns, which ensure that the water is evenly distributed throughout the lawn and that each plant receives optimal nutrients. However, a bonus advantage is that the ponds can also impress your family and friends. You can determine which water features are most conducive for your yard, the landscaper can install the pond to blend in naturally with your landscape, and the elegant pond system can adorn your home with a beautiful appearance and a luxurious ambiance.

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