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Benefits of Applying Mulch to Your Denver Lawn

February 26, 2016

A beautiful landscape can improve the appeal of your home, increase the value of your property, and provide a comfortable yard for your family and friends to gather and socialize. Although maintaining a healthy lawn can be a difficult process, premier landscaping professionals can apply beneficial mulch to enhance the quality of your lawn. If you are interested in establishing an attractive lawn, you should learn about the many benefits of having top Denver landscaping companies apply mulch to your yard.
  • Beautiful Appearance:  Premier Denver lawn services can apply layers of mulch to enhance the appearance of your yard. The mulch material is typically made from small pieces of bark, leaves, or peat moss.  The mulch is then usually applied in the gardening, tree, and shrub areas that surround your grassy lawn. The mulch provides clean edges to outline each section of your yard, adds definition to the separate sections, and creates appealing design patterns that can further enhance the beautiful appearance and unique design of your landscape.  As a result, the mulch should adorn your yard with a graceful elegance and a bold sharpness that will satisfy your family and impress your neighbors.
  • Moisture Retention: An important benefit of having the best Denver landscaping companies provide mulch layers is that the mulch can retain moisture. This is especially pivotal in facilitating proper plant growth. The mulch allows the soil to effectively absorb the water, enables the water to penetrate deep down to the roots of the plants, and ensures that each plant receives the sufficient amount of water and nutrients required to grow and flourish. Additionally, mulch can also help conserve water and reduce your water bills by allowing the plants to thrive with less supplementary water.  
  • Fertilization:  Mulch also helps to enhance the fertilization of the soil. As mulch decomposes over time, the mulch materials release organic matter and beneficial nutrients into the soil. This strengthens the fertile quality of the soil, provides your plants with more nutrients, and helps to improve the growth of your plants and the health of your yard. Additionally, mulch can also facilitate proper plant growth by regulating the temperature of the soil. The ability for mulch to regulate the ground temperature can protect your lawn by insulating the soil during the winter and by preventing your roots from overheating during the summer.
  • Weed and Pest Control:  Top Denver landscape companies can also apply mulch to prevent weed and pest infestations. Weeds often generate from small open areas of the lawn. However, the mulch can block the open spaces in your yard, obstruct sunlight from breaking through the open areas, and prevent weed issues from developing on your landscape. Mulch can also control pests in the area. Many barks used to make mulch possess natural oils and strong fragrances that serve as effective insect repellants. As a result, the mulch can successfully restrict various insects and pests from infiltrating your yard and damaging your plants.  
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