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Update Your Denver Outdoor Living Space with a New Pergola

March 17, 2016

Many landscaping features and lawn structures can help improve the appearance and atmosphere of your yard. However, having a pergola installed in your landscape can be especially beneficial. If you are interested in enhancing the appearance and quality of your outdoor living space, you should learn about the many advantages that accompany pergolas Denver homeowners like to incorporate in their landscape design project.  


The best Denver landscaping companies can design and install pergolas that significantly enhance the beautiful appearance of your landscape. A pergola refers to an outdoor structure that is constructed with beams, columns, and rafters. The structures can provide your home with many aesthetic advantages. Pergolas create a clearly defined outdoor living space that can diversify the features of your yard, compliment the surrounding plants in your lawn, and enhance the lively atmosphere of your home. Premier landscapers can also build pergola structures that are highly impressive to your friends and family. Additionally, you can help the experts determine which pergola styles and design patterns would be most conducive for your yard and appealing to your aesthetic preferences.

Climbing Plants

You would also increase the types of plants that you can cultivate with a pergola installation. Several climbing plants require the support of vertical structures onto which they can cling, spiral around, and ascend. As a result, the columns of the pergolas provide you with an opportunity to develop climbing plants. Although you can choose from various climbing plants, many people enjoy cultivating vine, ivy, grape, clematis, and wisteria plants on their pergolas. The ability for these plants to climb up the columns and ascend through the roof beams provides many advantages. The shade and privacy facilitated by the climbing plants can also increase the comfortability and seclusion of your space by giving you additional areas for entertaining.

Gathering Area

Having top Denver landscaping companies install a pergola also provides you with an optimal gathering area in your yard. Your landscape might be replete with areas designated for grass, plants, flowerbeds, trees, and shrubs. However, the pergola creates a clearly defined outdoor living space for you to relax or socialize while enjoying the pleasant scenery and delightful atmosphere of your landscape design. Relaxing in the calm and serene setting of the pergola can provide many advantages. A pergola can help you rest, relieve any stress, and rejuvenate your energy. However, a pergola is exceptionally beneficial for socializing. You can designate this area for eating festive meals, playing entertaining games, and socializing with each other while enjoying the beautiful weather here in Colorado. The social aspect of pergolas is highly appealing, as many people enjoy having an outdoor living space to host parties and spend valuable time with their loved ones.      

Contact My Landscaper to install your pergola. Our award-winning staff has established a prestigious reputation throughout the Denver area by fulfilling superior landscaping services and by satisfying customers for nearly 30 years. We can provide you with comprehensive and customized landscaping services, we have access to the best lawn products on the market, and we would be glad to install a pergola that enhances the beautiful appearance of your landscape and that maximizes the overall value of your home.