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Install a Garden Bed in Your Denver Landscape

April 1, 2016

Installing a garden with healthy flowers and blossoming plants can make your yard feel fresh, alive, and vibrant. However, before installing a garden you often must decide which type of garden bed would be most conducive for your landscaping desires. If you are interested in having premier Denver landscaping professionals install an exquisite garden, you should learn more about the different types of beds that experts provide.

In-Ground Beds

Top Denver landscaping companies can help you cultivate an in-ground garden bed. In-ground beds enable the professionals to plant the flowers in your existing soil. The bed area is on the same height level as the rest of your landscape and your landscaper can help you determine which area of your yard is ideal for an in-ground bed. A distinguishing feature of in-ground beds is that the gardens do not have any containers or walls on the edges. This provides a smooth transition from the surrounding areas that allows your garden to blend in naturally with the rest of your landscape. In-ground beds are also relatively easy and quick to prepare and maintain. The beds generally do not require extra soil, do not need any additional building materials, and the lack of borders makes it easy to modify or expand the design of the garden afterward.

Raised Beds

You can also have premier Denver planting services install a raised bed garden. Raised beds typically involve creating wood or cinder block borders along the sides of the designated garden area. The experts can then build up a tall pile of soil within the borders, raise the garden area about 1 to 3 feet above the ground, and the bed will then elevate the plants and flowers in your garden above the rest of your landscape. Many aesthetic benefits accompany the bordered edges of the bed and the elevated position of the flowers. Raised bed gardens can add definition to the gardening area, highlight the distinct boundaries of the bed, and enhance the designs and patterns of your landscape. Several practical advantages also encourage people to utilize raised garden beds. For instance, the raised beds can prevent soil compaction problems and facilitate efficient water drainage to help fertilize soil and stimulate exceptional plant growth.

Container Beds

The best Denver landscaping companies can also install a container gardening bed for your landscape. As the name suggests, the beds enable the professionals to cultivate a garden in an actual container that can be made of plastic, ceramic, or metal. The gardening experts can then provide soil mixtures, place a sufficient amount in the container, and cultivate flowers and plants directly in that container. The portable quality of container beds provide many benefits. Because the containers do not need to be placed on soil or in any specific area, you can decide what location would be most appropriate and would most effectively compliment your home. For example, you can place the garden on your deck, balcony, pergola, or beside a water feature, making it perfect for small spaces or apartments on upper floors. Additionally, the portable and isolated aspects of the containers can also protect your garden from weed, pest, or disease infestations.

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