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Solar Lights for Your Denver Landscaping Plans

April 12, 2016

You may pour hours of work into your yard, whether or not you have a Denver landscaping service, and still feel like something is missing. Perhaps you want to showcase your yard a little more, or maybe it’s simply too dark as you walk up to your house.

Solar lights are a great way to brighten up and showcase your lawn, deck, or porch. Most lights have small solar panels on top of them that absorb the sun throughout each day, allowing them to shine bright each night. There are several different types of lights that you may want to consider which serve different purposes:
  • Path Lights
    Path lights are a great way to light up a walkway that runs through your lawn, border your porch, deck, or gazebo with, or place along the driveway and sidewalk to light your way as you walk up to your house. This can be handy in avoiding tripping over steps or trampling on your lawn.
  • Step Lights
    Step lights are a great addition to your wooden steps or handrails, as well as around the edges of your porch or deck. These lights are designed to affix to your steps, the lower parts of your handrails, or the edges of your deck. Reduce trips and falls with these lights and save on your electricity bill. It is also a good alternative to motion detector lights on the front of your house, if you don’t use them for security.
  • Flood Lights
    Yes, solar knows no bounds. You can install fully solar LED flood lights. Many can be planted in the ground to keep your driveway or other areas with security concerns well-lit.
  • Color Changing Lights
    Give your landscape a more colorful flair with these color changing lights. The colors can be set to flow through a sequence or stay fixed on the color of your choice. These are great for accenting the more beatific parts of your yard, including fountains, sculptures, or wells.
  • Railing Lights
    Don’t risk falling over (or through) your railing on your deck, gazebo, or porch anymore. They’re even great for staircase handrails! They attach to the rails themselves, giving you a clear picture of where you can grab and where you can lean. This is a great idea for people who spend nights outdoors.
  • Lantern Lights
    For a more romantic or classic look, you can buy lantern-style lights that hang on decorative picks in the ground. These are a great way to lend some light to your yard in a more formal fashion, and would be great for homes with a vintage feel.
  • Motion Sensor Lights
    Yes, you can even get motion sensor lights that are completely solar-powered. Think of all the electricity you could save! These are easy to affix above garage doors, to place above the pool, or to cover backyard entrances.
  • Plantern Lights
    For an even fancier look than the simple lantern lights, you can use plantern lights. These lights have a hook and lantern setup, but have a small box you can plant flowers or herbs in.
If you’re looking for a Denver landscaping service that can help you install solar lights, then My Landscaper, is the perfect choice for you. We offer plenty of landscape lighting services. Call us today at (720) 882-5772 to speak with someone about installing solar lights around your home.