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Box Planters: A Unique Denver Landscaping Idea

May 4, 2016

Box planters may seem like an old-timey concept. Window boxes, or window planters, were used widely at one point in time, and many people still use them. People are now coming up with more creative uses for box planters, including affixing them to walls and, more commonly, fences. Here are some of the cool things you can do with elevated box planters to add to your Denver landscaping plans.
  • Conserve Space - Some people attach these box planters, wooden or porcelain, to the external walls of their home in the front or backyard. This is a great way to get all those flowers, herbs, and everything else you’ve been longing for onto the main stage without having an overcrowded look to your yard. You can then use the space that would otherwise be claimed for other things - a fountain, a little fairy garden, a jacuzzi - whatever it is your heart desires.
  • Keep Your Lawn Safe - Herbs that spread like wildfire if they touch the ground, such as mint or chamomile, are easily kept away from the ground up in one of these great planters. You can enjoy the perks of having them while keeping them safely away from your yard. Unless you think having a backyard covered in mint is a great idea, this is a better option than pots that are lower to the ground.
  • Convenient Watering - Perhaps your grass and other in-ground plants need more watering than the flowers you love. Putting them above ground still allows you to have the convenience of a sprinkler system while keeping your precious flowers safe.
  • Easy on Your Body - Do you have a bad back? Having your favorite plants up in planters makes it easier to take care of and enjoy them without aggravating pre-existing injuries. You can simply leave the ground covered in grass, or the groundcover of your choice, and keep those plants that need more care and attention at a comfortable level.
  • Cover Up That Fence - Are you tired of looking at your fence all day? Whether or not you have beautiful flowers, bushes, hedges, or trees on your lawn, your fence could be a touchy point for you. If you are getting tired of looking at that same old fence every day, place your plant boxes directly on your fence. Paint the boxes any color you want. It’ll instantly liven up your backyard.
Fences can be a real eyesore. If they’re not perfectly stained or painted, they can turn an otherwise beautiful backyard perimeter into something a homeowner is ashamed of. Wooden fences take a lot of care and maintenance, and there is little you can do except replace the fence once the boards start to warp or crack. Metal fences don’t look nearly as attractive as a well-maintained wooden fence does. Whether it’s your backyard fence or the little white picket fence in your front yard, it’s important that your fence be in good condition and aesthetically pleasing. If you are having trouble with your fence, consider calling a landscaping service to replace it.

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