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Organic Lawn Fertilization Information from My Denver Landscaper

May 18, 2016

In Denver, a lawn of perfect green grass is practically an obsession and a neighborhood competition. The problem with the traditional perfect lawn, though, is that it plays havoc with the environment. My Denver Landscaper, LLC concentrates on organic lawn fertilization to create a healthy, green lawn all season long. We share your concern about the environment.

Between 30 and 40 million acres of land in the U.S. are devoted to turf grass, and Americans spend a lot of money – about $40 billion annually – on seed, sod, and chemicals. Much of that money goes to products that are supposed to help grass only in the most superficial of ways and that degrade the soil, pollute the water they reach, and pose serious health threats to humans, their pets, and any wildlife in the area – to include birds. As people become aware of these facts, attitudes towards conventional fertilizers and pesticides are beginning to change.

While many pesticides and herbicides remain legal in the States, more and more people are becoming aware of the strain that they place on the ecosystem. All across North America, people are not only considering going green, but whether the perfect lawn is worth the long-term environmental price we’re paying.

Choosing a soil amendment and a lawn care system that's organic has the purpose of re-establishing and balancing the soil. Soil life provides the nutrients needed for plant life, and plants provide nutrients in the form of carbohydrates and sugars, known as exudates, to the soil. Chemical-based fertilizers have a negative effect on the population of microorganisms – often killing off entire populations and rendering the soil dead and completely void of life. 
Practically all chemical fertilizers are salt based, and salt has the same effect on plants as a drought. Excessive salt in the soil reduces the plant's ability to take up water. According to the US Department of Agriculture, National Resources Conservation Service, by enhancing the soil's organic matter with natural fertilizers, a series of soil changes and environmental benefits follow:
  • Surface structure becomes more stable and less prone to crusting and erosion. 
  • Water infiltration increases, runoff decreases, and the soil structure improves.
  • Soils rich in organic matter hold 10 to 1,000 times more water and nutrients than the same amount of soil containing only minerals.
By maintaining healthy, organic lawns and gardens in our neighborhoods, we are helping to restore environmental harmony for our children and beyond. Simply by going organic, homeowners hold an enormous potential for restoring the richness of our plant and wildlife habitat that has been destroyed by our carelessness and ignorance. At My Denver Landscapers, it has taken us years of research and development to come up with our organic, eco-friendly program. We’re proud to say that it really works.

My Denver Landscaper's lawn care service professionals work with an exclusive formulation of nutrients to help achieve the attractive lawn you’ve always wanted. We provide complete lawn care services from fertilization and grub control to pest and disease management solutions. My Denver Landscaper, LLC serves the entire Denver Metro area. Contact us today for your Denver organic remedy.

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