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Adding a Garden to Your Denver Landscaping Project

May 25, 2016

Many people have a picture of their ideal yard in their mind. You might envision a beautiful garden, whether flower or vegetable is up to you. It’s easier than you think to bring that perfect picture in your mind to life. It’s difficult to make a beautiful garden a reality in your new home without enlisting a professional Denver landscaping service, especially if you moved here from out of state, because it is difficult to determine the best plants for your space. At My Landscaper, we have have the knowledge and experience to help you install your ideal garden in your Denver lawn. These are a few things to know about creating your dream garden.
  1. Sunlight Makes a Big Difference
    Depending on how the light hits your garden at different times of day, some plants may not thrive in your garden. It may be too much direct sunlight, or too little. You want to make sure that your plants last and bloom beautifully, and sunlight plays a big role in the health of your plants.
  2. Weather Patterns Are Important Factors
    It can take a lot of research to figure out which plants will survive the shifting weather patterns. Some plants can survive the cold weather at the root level, while others may freeze and die if the weather gets too cold. Similarly, some plants can’t handle high temperatures, and may wither unless they are given a lot of attention. A good landscaper may be able to recommend ways to preserve your garden during different seasons, such as covering the garden.
  3. The Type of Soil You Have May Not Be Ideal
    Different homes have different types of soil. Planting a long-lasting, consistently healthy garden may take some adjustments to your soil. To achieve your goals, you may need a landscaper to till your yard, or you may need a specific type of fertilizer to keep your garden going strong.
  4. Watering is Huge
    Many plants need different amounts of water to stay strong. A good landscaper can advise you on the best types of sprinklers and irrigation to take care of your garden, and can suggest which plants to keep away from the sprinklers for hand watering.
  5. Plants Need Maintenance and Care
    Plants are just like every living thing - they need certain things to survive and flourish. Whether it’s regular trimming, like with a rosebush, or sticks for viny flowers that need to grow upward to stay healthy. If you don’t know what kind of maintenance and care you need for your plants, you may have lots of plants die, which certainly isn’t part of your dream garden!
There are several reasons to hire one of our expert team members at My Landscaper. We’re experts when it comes to all types of Denver landscaping, and we can help you get the perfect garden by performing plantings for you, and advising you on the proper watering and maintenance for the plants we place in your garden for you. We have a partner company that will gladly perform routine maintenance on your landscaping if you are in need of assistance due to time constraints or other difficulties like back problems. Check out our Plantings page, and contact us to have professional landscapers come to your home and begin building your dream garden!