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Denver Patio Kitchen Trends for 2016

June 15, 2016

Patio designs are focusing on outdoor kitchens these days. Your Denver patio (outdoor) kitchen, like the one inside, makes a statement about you. Indoor kitchen appliances and designs are being duplicated for outdoor use. Patio heaters even allow you to use your outdoor kitchen for more than just the summer. My Denver Landscaper, LLC are your Denver service experts to assist you with your patio kitchen design and installation.

With weather-resistant cabinets, built-in refrigerators, sinks, ambient lighting, a high-quality built-in grill, and even ovens, the current trend in patio kitchens has moved far away from the basic grill and a bag of charcoal. It's not about barbecues in the backyard anymore; homeowners are looking for comfort and ease. They are looking at extras like trash shoots, concealed charging stations for their devices, trash compactors, side-burners, bar systems, and infrared technologies.
Outdoor entertaining spaces are being designed with everything needed to prepare and serve a complete meal. Rather than running back and forth to the house to prepare and serve the food and drinks, you can remain with guests throughout.

The patio is not just for grilling the proverbial burger anymore. Multifunctional elements, such as tables with a built-in cooktop, are gaining ground in
outdoor kitchens. Quality furniture, cooking appliances, plumbing products, and lighting are the newest trends. You can go to whatever lengths you can imagine to transform your traditional Denver patio area into a fully functioning outdoor room.

While outdoor kitchens were once exclusively for those lucky enough to be living in warmer climates, patio heaters, rolling carts, modular cooking stands, weather proof materials, and other innovations have made the outdoor kitchen more appealing to those who live in cold weather climates like Denver.

Experts are predicting that in warm places where outdoor kitchens are already prevalent, outdoor living areas will become even more elaborate. As the trend takes hold throughout the U.S., more homeowners in colder climates will also want to create outdoor living spaces that work for them too.

With all the new homes being built these days, the prediction is that consumers will begin to plan their outdoor kitchens along with their homes from the very beginning of the construction process. The outdoor living trend is transforming the American backyard into a functional and private getaway "destination" that you don't have to leave home to enjoy.

No matter the style of your home, outdoor kitchens can be designed to complement your landscape and home, increasing the value of your home in the long run. Give My Denver Landscaper, LLC a call for a free estimate for all of your Denver patio needs. We will meet or exceed your expectations. Each project we undertake is managed with detailed professional attention. Once My Denver Landscaper undertakes a project, we dedicate all of our skills, experience and full resources to seeing it through to a successful completion in the most efficient, methodical, and thorough manner. Call us today:  720-882-5772.

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