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9 Reasons to Have Hardscaping Installed by Your Denver Landscaping Service

June 29, 2016

In a drier region such as Colorado, having a simplified, yet elegant, yard can be a boon to your energy costs, property value, and time investment. Hardscapes are an easy way to incorporate unique outdoor elements into your landscaping that don’t require much to maintain. Patios, walkways, retaining walls, fire pits, ponds, planting beds, and outdoor lighting are all encompassed by hardscaping; it’s a type of outdoor installation style with unlimited options for materials, design, and components. Your local Denver landscaping experts have the know-how and experience to help create and install a hardscape that works with the natural features of your yard to increase its form, function, and appearance.
  1. Expand your  living space: Having a patio and walkway professionally laid in your yard is like adding an extra room to your home. It increases the amount of usable, livable space for relaxation and entertainment. It can be as basic or luxurious as your tastes run, allowing you to personalize the area to suit your needs.
  2. Increase your property value: Hardscaping not only increases your home’s curb appeal, it raises the ROI of your entire property. By increasing the living space and creating a beautiful, functional outdoor area, you help your home become a desirable piece of property.
  3. Direct foot traffic: Stone paths and sidewalks help keep guests in designated areas, while allowing you to maximize the use of your entire yard.
  4. Help define your yard: Walkways, benches, and other stone elements add structure to your landscaping, and helps make the different functional areas of your yard clearer. Hardscaping is the architectural backbone of your backyard, providing a visual and physical flow. Consult with a local landscaping expert to determine which outdoor elements will work best in your particular landscape.
  5. Create privacy: Stone walls create borders for your garden and add character to your yard, while protecting you from high-traffic and noisy areas.
  6. Even out the terrain: If there’s a sloping grade in the driveway or backyard, you can even it out with pavers and other material. Retaining walls, stone stairs, and paths help prevent erosion from your flower beds and lawn by improving drainage and providing structure for your plants.
  7. Add texture, color, and character to your yard: Given the wide array of building materials and sizes, shapes, and colors of stone and brick available, creating a unique landscape is simple and fun.
  8. Extend usability: Adding a fireplace or fire pit allows you to use your yard into the fall and even winter months, while creating a warm and inviting space. Building an outdoor kitchen as part of your hardscape means you can entertain outside for many months of the year. Your local landscaping service can design, build, and install all of these.
  9. Reduce maintenance: Besides conserving water, having a smaller lawn and fewer plants to care for means you spend less time watering, mowing, weeding, and pruning. Constant upkeep can become a headache or source of stress; hardscaping makes your life easier.
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