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Denver Landscaping Company Suggest Using Native Plants for Your Yard

July 13, 2016

A new trend in landscaping involves gardening with native plants, in a practice known as “naturescaping.” Not only will these plants inherently thrive with less tending than others, they also provide support for local bird and beneficial insect population, increasing your yard’s biodiversity. There are many benefits to having local flora as part of your landscaping project, including giving your home a unique, low-maintenance aspect that your Denver plantings service can help you attain.

Go Native
Native plants evolved to grow under local climates, soils, and environmental conditions, so they don’t require frequent watering or additional fertilizers. It’s an excellent way to have a sustainable landscape, while restoring habitat. Urbanization reduces the variety of species in a region as mammals, birds, and insects’ dwellings are taken over by commercial and residential construction. Naturescaping provides new habitat for these creatures, while increasing the functionality and beauty of your yard with an influx of songbirds, natural pollinators like bees and other insects, and butterflies.

Native plants are also resistant to the many pests and diseases that non-native plants can get, so you don’t have to treat them with chemical sprays. They prevent the spread of noxious weeds, helping keep your entire yard free from these plants that crowd out other growth. You can find a wide range of lovely local plants, trees, and shrubs, especially here in Colorado. The Front Range region includes forests, hillsides, marshes, and prairie lands, so there is a diverse array of plants to choose from, depending on how you want your yard to look: formal, simple, elaborate, or naturalistic. You can have shrubs such as Sumac, succulents and cacti like Prickly Pear and Plains Yucca, grasses like Indian Rice Grass, and trees like Rocky Mountain Maples.

Besides needing less watering and fertilizing, native plants require less pruning and upkeep in general. Having these plants in the mix lowers the amount of stormwater that flows from your property by absorbing most rainfall. Once established, a native garden requires hardly any additional maintenance; it will flourish if left to its own devices, in sync with the natural rhythms of the region.

Maintain a Balance
Naturescaping can include both native plants and nursery plants, for a unique and varied landscape. Plants you can find at a nursery are usually also adapted to Colorado’s climate, and survive well in similar moisture, light, and soil conditions. Having multiple layers of growth and a variety of different types of plants means the vegetation is a cohesive habitat, without conflicting edges, which encourages a diversity of wildlife. You can even include a garden in your landscaping project, with native berries such as gooseberries and currants, and herbs like oregano and peppermint.

Call My Landscaper to start your own naturescaped plantings at 720-882-5772. We provide full yard care and maintenance, and will help you develop and implement a landscaping plan to suit your needs. Get ready for a beautiful new vista for your home!