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Beautifying Your Property with an Exterior Water Fountain

July 27, 2016

Having a water fountain added to your backyard or to your garden can truly highlight its beauty. The fountain can be beautiful to watch, and the sound of the water running can be relaxing and soothing too. Having an outdoor fountain is one of the ideal ways to attract butterflies and birds, providing a sanctuary to quench their thirst. If you’re a nature lover, or love watching birds, a water fountain might be the perfect idea for you to bring nature a little closer to home.

The Dimensions
The water fountain that you choose to install outdoors will be dependent on the space that you have. If you have limited space, then a large basin would need more room. The water distance should match the distance at the edge to where the water falls on the surface. Therefore, if you have free falling water for up to two feet, then you should make sure that the edge of the basin is also two feet from the point where the water makes impact to the surface. So, the total dimensions of the basin should be four feet. In doing so, the water will splash inside the basin and not on the ground.

Reducing the Space
To reduce the amount of space necessary, then you could avoid having free falling water. You could have the water flowing down the side of an object rather than having it falling through the air. For that reason, you wouldn’t have to think about measurements and dimensions. More importantly, you would still enjoy the beauty and sound of the moving water. In this instance, the space used would be vertical instead of horizontal.

Installation and Maintenance
Many outdoor water fountains can be installed by the individual homeowner. However, for a better job, it would probably be recommended that you have a professional do the installation as well as the maintenance. Why? The spot where the installation will take place has to be cleared. There may be some digging required as well as stone work. For larger water fountains, there is quite a lot of digging and you have to pay close attention to where the basin is lined up.

New Landscape
An outdoor water fountain comes with a pump, which has to be operated with electricity. Most of these fountains are designed to operate around the clock. If turned off for a long time, it could attract mosquitoes and other pesky insects. Maintenance is absolutely needed for fountains in cold climate where freezing may take place, causing it to be necessary to have the fountain drained and the pump possibly removed. To control the growth of algae and keep the area clean, the professional landscaper may have to use small amounts of diluted bleach in the fountain.

Solar Powered Fountains
To reduce energy cost, you could consider a solar powered fountain, which calls for less maintenance. Your fountain will be part of the eco-friendly system. You can also put some fish or frogs in your fountain to make it more appealing.

If you are ready to get that water fountain installed and maintained, contact us at MyLandscaper! With our years of experience in helping clients maintain the perfect landscaping, we can help you make your backyard your sanctuary. Call us at 720-882-5772 for a scheduled consultation.