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Benefits of Creating a Synthetic Turf Landscape

August 3, 2016

No sooner are you done mowing your lawn, and it appears that it needs to be trimmed again. Does that sound right? Are you thinking about artificial products and the level of maintenance that they can offer to your lawn? Yes, there are always other green substitutes like synthetic turf. Are these worth their cost? Let’s take a closer look.

Artificial Turf
What is artificial turf? This kind of landscape is comprised of synthetic fibers made by man. It does have a close resemblance to natural grass, but there are certain limitations. However, many homeowners with a limited budget don’t mind using synthetic turf. There are certain steps that go into making artificial grass.

The Production Process
The process of producing this kind of grass begins with yarn, which is made from polymers, colored with additives to resemble the real grass. The yarn is sometimes wrapped or twisted, after which it is sewn to a fabric backing. Loops are created and then cut to look a lot like grass blades. The fibers are held together with liquid latex and after it gets hard, it is then placed on the fabric backing. The fabric is punched with holes for easy water drainage.

The Comparison
In comparison to natural grass, artificial turf is synthetic, but looks so real, it is difficult to tell that it is not natural grass. This is especially true when the artificial turf is of high quality. It gives a different feel when you touch it with your hand. This is because of the plastic material used in its production. You will find that it makes a slight rustling sound when touched. It has a higher level of heat absorption and retention compared to natural grass. Due to the higher temperatures, it can become quite uncomfortably warm if touched with the bare skin.

The Benefits
There are several benefits to using artificial turf grass. It really makes your life simpler and easier. This is especially true if you don’t want to be bothered about regularly maintaining a lawn. It is certainly less expensive than maintaining natural grass.

Easy Maintenance
You no longer have to mow, trim, fertilize, or water your grass. In addition, insects are not attracted to synthetic turf as they are to natural grass. Artificial turf is also pet-friendly. Pet waste will no longer damage or discolor your lawn. None of your family members will bring mud or dirt inside the house as they would with natural grass. More importantly, your grass will be green throughout the year. You will save on water and electricity. There will be no emissions from gas operated tools like a lawn mower. In other words, the synthetic turf option is environmentally friendly.

Make sure that if you do choose artificial turf, you select superior grass density for higher quality. If you have children in your home, you may need stronger turf. It is best to consult an expert in synthetic turf.  Rolls of artificial grass can be delivered to your home, but you need a landscaper to lay it out in your yard for you. If you are ready to get that artificial turf professionally installed, it is best to speak to a professional company like MyLandscaper. Call 720-882-5772 for an estimate.