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Strategic Steps to Repairing Your Denver Lawn

August 17, 2016

In the city of Denver, you will notice that many neighborhoods have almost perfect and pristine green landscape. In fact, it may seem like an obsession or competition among neighbors to maintain their lawns. Most property owners with damaged lawns don’t understand the semantics that go into repairing a lawn. To maintain a healthy lawn, the best line of defense is usually to use organic material to topdress and fertilize the lawn. This should be done at least once each year. In addition, the lawn should be mowed correctly and it should be periodically aerated to discourage a buildup of thatch and to prevent soil compaction.

Going Organic
Even though, there are several herbicides and pesticides that are still legal in the United States, more individuals have started to become aware of the negative effect that these things leave on the ecosystem. It is essential then to select an organic lawn care system and soil modification in order to balance the soil. The life and state of the soil provides plants with the necessary nutrients and plants in turn provide their nutrients to the soil in sugar and carbohydrate form. This process is called exudates. Fertilizers that are chemically based will always have a harmful impact on the microorganism population. It often kills the whole population and the soil, leaving it totally void of existence.

The Professional
For that reason, you may have to consider lawn repair as a way to get rid of weedy or thin patches on your lawn. A professional landscaper will find it easy to get this done. To start, you have to handle the issue as soon as you notice the damage. The objective is to prevent it from spreading. The weeds will quickly fill up the bare lawn, if you don’t replace it with new grass. The landscaper will repair your lawn using a two step procedure.

First Step
The first step will be determining and establishing the underlying cause. It could be a mishap where there was a fertilizer spill that caused your lawn to have the bare spot. It could also be that your lawn has a chronic disease or have been plagued with vicious insects. It could also be that your lawn is not getting enough moisture or light. If you can fix these insufficiencies, the next step will be easier.  

Second Step
Now, the patches have to be repaired. You can do so by seeding it with new grass. If you live in a northern state, then the ideal time to have this done is in the fall season. This gives the grass enough time during the cool season to grow stronger roots prior to facing the summer. If you live in a southern state, this should be done in the spring season.

When it comes to having a freshly repaired and healthy lawn, you definitely have to solicit the professional help from an expert landscaper. Contact My Landscaper today to discuss your lawn repair needs. You can call 720-882-5772 to schedule a consultation.