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How to Create a Beautifully Designed Front Yard

August 24, 2016

Every house fascia has noticeable liabilities and assets. A front yard that is well done tends to highlight its most appealing points and covers over the poor ones. All the components of a good design will come into play once you start planning how you will design the front yard. It is important not to delay the aesthetics, but to include the scale, balance, and unity. The result will be a scene that is pleasing to the eyes and one that adds curb appeal.

The Theme
If your house is able to acclimatize to your landscaping desires of a specific themed garden such as cottage, colonial, Spanish, or Oriental, it must first start in the front yard. The only way to pull off a successful theme is to carefully unify all aspects of the garden. You should establish your preference, the demands of your front yard, and whether you want to construct a formal or informal backdrop.  

Formal and Informal Environment
To create a formal setting, you should consider:
  • Clipped hedges
  • Architectural features
  • Strong geometric lines
  • Uniformly shaped beds and plants
To create an informal setting, you would need a less rigid backdrop, especially when the land slopes or the house style itself is informal. You have more options when working with flat land and formal houses.

Trees and Shrubs
The first elements of your front yard landscape design are the trees and large shrubs. Creating a framed view is often the most attractive choice that creating a view that is more revealing. For that reason, you should consider installing taller trees on each side of the house or at least one tall tree behind the house. The trees contribute a look of permanence to the house. If your house is two stories, this will soften the house. In addition to framing and marking specific boundaries, trees and large shrubs provide interesting texture, outlining, and color for different seasons as well as energy control, and shade.

Achieving Balance
You can accomplish balance in your landscape by positioning certain components to give it identical weight in texture, size, and color to all sides of the scenery. The formality of the weighting will depend on your individual preference and the style of the house. If your house is symmetrical, you should consider duplicating each plant and each feature on either side of the front walkway as long as it isn’t too narrow. With one garage and one drive, most houses are asymmetrical and acquiring balance can be more restrictive. Maybe, a tall tree should be placed on the opposite side of the driveway.

Unity and Simplicity
Be sure to select plants that will be complementing to the size of your house. In addition, choose the plants that grow faster. Plants have to grow first before components can be in proportion to one another. Keep plants of the same kind and similar color together for a more pleasing, and uniformed effect. This provides simplicity and unity to the principles of landscape design.

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