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Early Fall Lawn Maintenance From Your Denver Landscape Service Experts

October 5, 2016

Autumn is a crucial time of year for grass, even though homeowners tend to turn their attention away from the lawn when autumn approaches. It is understandable that you choose to prioritize by preparing the home itself for the coming cold months. But if you make a lawn care mistake in the fall, it could cause problems for the entire next year. At My Landscaper, we strive to bring you timely landscape and lawn information you can really use right now, so here are four autumn lawn care mistakes to avoid.

Lawn Aeration

  1. Avoid procrastinating and delaying aeration until spring. Lawn aeration every year is among the best things you can do for landscape maintenance. The aerator creates small holes in the soil that allow more air and moisture to get down to grass roots. The trouble with aerating is in the timing. Many homeowners aerate in spring or summer, when they start thinking about green Summer grass but depending on what type of grass you have, that might be a mistake. If you have a cool-season grass such as Kentucky bluegrass or fescue, early fall is the best time of year to aerate. Aeration is great for your lawn in the long term, but in the short term it wounds it. So early fall is when cool-season grasses are best able to recover – in part because there is less competition from crabgrass and certain other common weeds. Late spring or early summer is the best time to aerate only if you have a warm-season grass such as St. Augustine or Bermuda. If you are not certain what type of grass you have, let us have a look, and we are the Denver landscape service experts!

Thinning & Bald Spots in Your Grass

2. It is also a mistake to leave thinning or bald spots until spring. Waiting to address this common lawn issue will hurt your lawn. By spring, opportunistic weeds might have gained a foothold in these problem areas. Instead, in late August or September, apply one inch of topsoil to all bald or thin areas and then spread grass seed. Gently step on the areas to press the seed into the soil. Check these thin and bald spots in the spring, and add additional topsoil and seed if the grass still seems thin.  

The Dreaded Dandelion

3. Another procrastination problem is allowing dandelions to take hold. Homeowners generally think of dandelions as a spring problem, because that’s when the bright yellow flowers appear, but the dandelion plant actually starts growing the prior autumn. Homeowners often fail to notice them, because the young dandelion plants are green and small like the grass. So if dandelions frequently appear in your lawn in the spring, in autumn apply a weed killer specifically designed to control them when the dandelions are young and vulnerable. We can help with your early fall Denver lawn maintenance.

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