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Don't Let Lawn Ornaments Overwhelm Your Landscaping

October 12, 2016

Too much garden art can be too much of a good thing. With Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, you might see several Denver lawns overrun with lawn ornaments and garden art. However, a smarter way to use ornamentation would be to use it sparingly, which will succeed in attracting admiring attention. Lawn ornaments that are creatively and wisely placed in your Denver landscape design can create a sense of elegance, warmth, and whimsicalness.

A few gnomes or cute angels may be a welcome sight and amuse visitors and passersby - maybe even the neighbors cat. However, as tempting as it may be to continue to add lawn ornaments and garden art to your landscaping, the effect may be the exact opposite of the one you desire. Instead, design your landscape using one unique piece and establish it as a centerpiece/focal point.

The positive impact is minimized by saturation when a myriad of decorations crowds your yard. Worse, if they are low quality, they can stigmatize your yard with labels such as "cluttered," "cheap," and "tacky." From a design perspective, plants-only landscaping is preferable to a clutter of too many ornaments.

How to Use Lawn Ornaments

When it comes to your garden and lawn, don’t worry about what this year’s garden magazines say you should be doing, because everyone has their own unique ideas about how to use lawn ornaments in landscaping. The most important factor in choosing a lawn ornament has to do with deciding if it brings you joy and enhances your life and garden.


Consider using garden art as focal points to accentuate attractive areas and also to hide any unsightly areas. Walk through your garden and think carefully about the placement. You may want to move your lawn ornament from place to place. After placing it, walk around and view it from different angles. Perhaps go sit on the deck to see how it will look from there. Consider who will view your garden art. Do you want it in front where everybody can appreciate it, or in the backyard for the enjoyment of friends and family only?

Style and color

Use lawn art that fits – or establishes – the general theme of your garden, and select pieces that accentuate the color and style of your home. For example, you might not want to use brightly colored, campy gnomes in a formal garden; or large artsy, modern sculptures in a small, old-fashioned cottage garden.

Forgotten spots

Think about placing lawn art in a hard to manage or forgotten spot. For example, a dark, moist area where nothing seems to take and grow may be the ideal site for a decorative style bench or a Buddha statue among smooth river rocks, where you can sit in the coolness with your eyes closed in meditation.

The Bottom Line

Even with these tips are you still needing ideas for ornaments or and/or help with placement? From start to finish, My Landscaper, LLC serves the entire Denver Metro area by working with clients to make sure that both the design and installation processes go smoothly.

Many years of experience have given us the tools to manage both large and small landscape projects. We are your premier landscape service experts. From pavers to bluestone, ornaments, statues, water features, walkways, front yard makeovers, native plant gardens, butterfly gardens, patios or retaining walls; we offer superior craftsmanship and a two-year guarantee. Contact us for your free estimate.

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