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Tips From Your Denver Landscaping Experts on Winterization of Your Outdoor Water Feature

October 19, 2016

Your outdoor fountains and water features are susceptible to the extreme winter temperatures we experience in Colorado. While some fountains are capable of enduring cold temperatures, some special precautions have to be taken to winterize your fountain. Let our Denver service experts help you with this seasonal task, because even though outdoor water features are usually made to withstand the elements, it is crucial that water is not left in the fountain to freeze as it could cause it to crack and can ruin your fountain's pump and/or basin.

Winterizing your water feature is one of the major fall gardening tasks. And one way to enjoy your water fountain through the winter months is to place a submersible heater into the fountain to keep the water temperature above freezing. However, if you choose not to have an active water feature throughout the winter, disassemble your fountain and place it in a shed or garage to completely protect it from damaging weather. If storing it in a shed is not practical, you will want to follow the instructions below:
  • The most important thing you can do before the temperature drops below freezing is to drain your fountain.
  • Remove pump, rubber stoppers, drainpipes, finials, and other small components for indoor storage. Note: stoppers or drainpipes are removed to allow drainage in the event that water accumulates in any basin. Compression stoppers may be left on the pump cord, however, for easier assembly the following season.
  • Remove the pump and bring it indoors. Submersible pumps are best stored in a bucket filled with water in a warm indoor area so that the seals and gaskets do not dry out.
  • This is a great time to clean the pump too, removing any algae, pet dander, or other debris that may have accumulated. It is common to have fall leaves in the fountain, so be sure to get those out too.
  • Raise the fountain basin up from the ground with wooden strips so that the base will not freeze to the ground surface.
  • You may wish to purchase a fountain cover, or cover your fountain with a tarp or other protective material, which can help keep moisture from accumulating. Fill the basin of the fountain with an absorbent material such as burlap or blankets to absorb any condensation that can accumulate and freeze during the winter season.
  • Check your fountain periodically throughout the winter season to insure that the cover is secure and that water is not accumulating in any fountain component.
These tips will help to ensure that your outdoor fountain lasts for many years to come, however, if this sounds like way more work than you are willing or able to think about right now, rest assured that My Landscaper is able to provide quality landscape services for you. No job is too small or too big for our experienced Denver professionals. For a free estimate on winterizing your water feature or any other landscaping services, please give us a call at 720-882-5772.

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