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Top Advantages of Having a Water Fountain in Your Yard

As a homeowner, there are multiple benefits to having a water fountain in your yard. It doesn’t matter if you install it in your backyard, private garden area, or front yard. It will always have that welcoming sound and lovely appearance as long as it is installed properly. Let’s look at some of the benefits of having an outdoor water fountain.

A Soothing Sound
For many years, Buddhist monks used water features in gardens as an area to mediate due to the soothing sound of the water. The image of the water also acts as a contemporary visualization and meditation exercise. The sound of trickling or running water tends to be psychologically relaxing, with the likelihood of helping individuals to loosen up and even fall asleep. The outdoor water fountain is a great stress reliever, no matter if you are listening intently to the sound or hearing it in the background. Due to its ability to drown out all kinds of sounds, water fountains act as a reinforcement to stress reduction. They can block out irritating sounds like a barking dog in the neighborhood, traffic, conversations nearby, construction work, or other bothersome sounds.

Bird Feeder
If you love birds, then you would probably like to have a water fountain or a bird feeder in your front or back yard. Even birds need to have water to drink, preen, and bathe. For birds that hardly go to a bird feeder, the water fountain becomes the alternative. Many birds have a preference for running water and not motionless water. For that reason, the outdoor water fountain becomes more attractive than the small circular bird bath or bird feeder. To attract even more birds, a trickling or splashing fountain is audible enough to hear from far away.

Pet Love
Your dog will definitely love to lap up some of that water for quenching the thirst during the hot weather. You just have to make sure that the fountain is kept clean with fresh water as regularly as possible. Your canine will enjoy the fresh water, especially when none other is anywhere to be found outdoors or the water bowl you have put out is empty. Additionally, a flowing fountain does not have to be cleaned as frequently, but a water bowl can collect insects, drool, and plant matter very quickly.

Your Guests
If you often entertain guests in your home, they will like the idea of sitting outside near the fountain. Have you ever sat in a park and just couldn’t take your eyes off the water fountain? That is the same effect that yours could have on your guests. You could consider entertaining on the outside more often. It musters a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

Relaxation and Health
If the environment is dry, a water fountain will add the humidity needed to keep out allergen and dust. It has already been purported that negative ions increase the production of serotonin, which is said to relieve depression and boost someone’s energy. Producing negative ions, the flow of the water has an immediate and positive impact on a person’s mood and ultimate health.

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