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Last Minute Lawn and Garden Care Checklist for Your Denver Landscape

November 30, 2016

While many Denver residents have moved past their regular garden maintenance for the winter, there are still some items to take care of that may have gotten overlooked or perhaps just did not have the time to take care of. Your local Denver landscaping experts can help make sure you don’t miss anything crucial, and keep your landscape healthy through the winter. Here are a few areas to remember when making your checklist:

Shrubs and Trees

  • Container grown trees and shrubs should be moved inside and kept there until the extreme temperatures are behind us.
  • Remove any dead shrubs and trees.
  • Clean up leftover fallen fruit to deter pests and additional disease.
  • Address diseases now. Remove and destroy (do not compost) unhealthy leaves and branches after treating.
  • Remove spent blooms, but don't do any heavy pruning that would encourage new growth – which would be killed by frost.
  • Hold off on fertilizing trees and shrubs to allow them to fully harden this winter.

Annuals and Perennials

  • Divide and/or transplant perennials, making sure to feed the roots with a good source of phosphorus.
  • Don't disturb asters, chrysanthemums, Russian sage, ornamental grasses, or other plants that are of interest in the fall and winter.

Cleanup and Maintenance

  • Now is a great time to clear out new planting beds and apply compost (or leaves and grass clippings) to be ready for spring planting when that time comes.
  • Check out how to safely get rid of weeds: organic weed control using vinegar.
  • Label your perennials and bulbs before they die back to the ground.
  • Put out extra bird feeders to support migrating birds.


  • Bring all potted plants indoors to ensure the night’s chill does not do them harm.
  • Prepare for Christmas color: Place poinsettias and Christmas cactus indoors to ensure they receive adequate bright light and darkness each day Typically this would be about 10 hours of light per day and the remainder of the day in the dark. A Christmas cactus will need a cool spot (50-60 degrees) to be comfortable, while your poinsettias will do much better a little warmer, around 65-72 degrees.
  • To get a head start on new growth, plant some bulbs in pots during the winter to enjoy full blooms in the springtime. If you intend to force early blooming for the holidays, put your bulbs in the refrigerator now.


  • If you have yet to completely rid your lawn of leaves, make yourself some mulch! Mow the leaves left over in your lawn and use them at the base of your trees or shrubs to insulate them in the colder months.
  • If you are planting seed, or if your lawn is thin or weedy, wait to sow seed until after we have cleared the frost of winter. You wouldn’t want to lose any new growth due to a heavy snow or extreme temperatures.
If you need help with your winter Denver landscape maintenance, contact My Landscaper, the experts with experience and knowledge to beautifully maintain your yard. Call us at 720-882-5772 to discuss your lawn and garden needs.