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Denver Professional Landscaping Can Add to Your Living Space

December 7, 2016

Did you know that there are many options when adding to or creating an outdoor living space? Adding a stone patio or wooden deck to your backyard can increase your living area by several square feet and allow you to experience the outdoors more often. Lighting can help brighten up areas in your yard while adding a special touch to your home and hardscaping allows for space that went unused before to be everyone’s new favorite space. We all know Denver weather can be unpredictable, but typically warm during the Spring and Fall - so make the outdoor space in your home available year round.

Decks, Patios & Pergolas

Patio’s give you the space you need to entertain family and friends in the outdoors. If you’re thinking about adding a deck, brick patio or gorgeous pergola to your denver home,  our custom-made options can fit in any space. Being able to relax outdoors after coming home from work, spending time with family and creating a true gathering place is a luxury. Whether it’s for personal use or to add to your home’s aesthetic, you won’t be disappointed when making an investment in an outdoor living space. Read more about wood material options for your Denver decking needs.

Landscape Lighting

Another option to add to your outdoor living space is lighting. It helps brighten up darker areas of your backyard, creating security and safety and sets the mood while adding a beautiful aesthetic. Lighting extends your outdoor living space and make it usable at all times, day or night, while adding a delicate touch to your living space. Your family will be happy they can spend more time outdoors, even when nightfall comes and it will be easy to entertain at all hours of the day. Learn all about landscape lighting for more ideas about how to brighten up your home.


Hardscaping is an excellent way to increase your usable outdoor space and give it a finishing touch. Adding a stone, concrete, flagstone or brick patio to your outside area can make it more enjoyable to use and nice to look at. A retention wall can also help level out a sloping ground, in order to be able to use the space most effectively. These look beautiful and add class to any backyard. To enjoy the outdoors year round, a fire pit or outdoor fireplace is an excellent option for your outdoor living space. The added warmth during colder months will allow you to share an evening with family or friends comfortably even in late fall. Grab the hats and coats, and get toasty.

Thinking about adding outdoor living features your home? Whether it’s decking, lighting or hardscaping, our professional landscapers can help you choose what is the best option for your home and your families needs. Let the experts at My Landscaper of Denver assist with your landscaping project. If you can dream it - we can build it. Interested in learning more about the services at My Landscaper? Contact us via our website or call 720-882-5772 for more information today and for a free consultation.