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Denver Landscaping Professional’s Snow Removal Tips

December 21, 2016

As winter arrives, this means you will be spending time getting an alternative method of exercise… shoveling snow! Clearing snow can be such a chore. It is important to handle it in a safe manner to prevent injury or a dangerous situation. Many cities around the country require you to shovel your sidewalk/walkway within 24hrs of a snowfall. If you don’t comply, you could be facing a fine. Learn crucial tips and practices to handle snowfall and ice properly from top Denver landscaping professionals.

Commercial Snow Removal

As many business owners know, snow and adverse weather conditions can impact your business in a big way. Winter storms cost the US economy billions of dollars annually, therefore Snow removal is extremely important, especially for commercial property owners. Your customers need safe access to your parking lot, sidewalks and walkways to access your business. If you don’t remove the snow and ice around your building, you could have a slippery situation - and potentially a law suit. Snow and ice are dangerous for both employees and customers. They could hurt themselves, so it’s important to plan ahead before a snowstorm and have your business plowed and shoveled by snow removal experts.

Residential Snow Removal

In a snowfall event, it is best to clear sidewalks and driveways during the snowfall and when the snow concludes. If you are expecting more than 12 inches of snow, it may take 2-3 periods to shovel. Snow can be extremely heavy, so it’s best to break it up into shifts. Per laws in Denver County, homeowners have up to 24 hours to handle the situation. As you shovel snow, it is crucial to handle it safely to prevent injury. It is a workout after all! As the snow seasons begins, make sure you have the proper shovels and outdoor clothing to wear.  Shoveling snow is like lifting boxes—remember to lift the snow with your legs and not your back. This will prevent a back injury. If you don’t want to remove the snow yourself, contacting your local snow removal expert will do the trick.

Dealing with Ice

Ice can be very dangerous, especially ice you cannot see which is called black ice. As winter arrives, be sure you have salt and ice melt readily available to throw on your stairs, driveway and walkways.  This will allow you to use it immediately after a snowstorm. This will keep you and everyone on your sidewalks safe. Contact a snow removal specialist if you can’t get rid of the ice yourself. They have the proper techniques and tools to accomplish the job.

When it comes to your landscaping and snow removal needs this winter, My Landscaper is your go-to snow removal specialist in the Denver metro area. They have excellent customer service to handle all your snow removal needs. No matter what you need this winter, they can make it easier and safer for you and your family. To get started, contact us at 720-882-5772 today and  request a free quote.