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Denver Landscaping Services Tip: The Best Flowers to Plant in Denver

January 18, 2017

There’s nothing quite like a flower bed to brighten up your lawn. But, some flowers will only bloom in certain climates, so what types of flowers should you use in your yard? The experts at My Landscaper, who offer a variety of Denver landscaping services, have compiled a list of the best flowers to plant in this beautiful city:

Rocky Mountain Penstemon

One of the most popular plants in Denver gardens is the Rocky Mountain Penstemon, which is an eye-catching perennial with dense foliage and purple flowers. This plant usually can survive in both dry and wet environments, however it thrives in dry areas, so keep this in mind when working with a landscaper on your yard’s layout. Learn more about the Penstemon strictus, or Rocky Mountain Penstemon.


The Verbena flower, which grows anywhere from six inches to three feet tall, would make a great addition to your lawn. Plant this flower in your garden and enjoy its beautiful pink, white, red, or blue blooms every fall and summer. Not only is it beautiful to look at it, but it also has a strong, sweet smell that can often be found in women’s fragrances. Another benefit of planting Verbena in your yard? They’re deer-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about wildlife ruining your garden.

Purple Coneflower

Your yard will certainly look more lively when it has purple coneflowers, which actually are more of a magenta than purple. These flowers will bloom in three out of the four seasons, so you can enjoy their beauty almost every month of the year. Plant these gardens in an area that receives a lot of sunlight, and don’t worry about them if your area goes through a bit of a drought. Purple coneflowers are known to be drought resistant, so they should be able to survive with minimal watering. If you don’t have much experience maintaining landscaping, this is a great choice for your yard as they are low maintenance and tend to grow fairly easily.


Another low maintenance flower to add to your list is the Angelonia. These flowers, which come in purple, pink, blue, and white, are often used to create a border around pathways, water features, and driveways. They need a lot of sun to survive—preferably between six to eight hours a day—so choose a well-lit spot in your yard. Some Angelonia plants will grow upwards of 18 inches, while others are shorter and wider, so make sure you choose the type that will complement your yard the best. In the spring, you may notice a few more visitors in your yard, as these flowers attract both butterflies and bees. If anyone in your home has a bee allergy, you may want to steer clear from these flowers.

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