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Denver Landscaping Company Provides Tips For Keeping Grass Green and Healthy

Look out into your front yard. Do you see a lawn full of lush green grass? It can be difficult to grow and maintain healthy green grass, but having it can instantly transform the look of your yard. According to Denver landscaping company, My Landscaper, here are the secrets to keeping grass green and healthy:

Don’t cut your grass too low.
Many people choose to cut their grass as low as possible so they don’t have to mow the lawn as frequently, but this could actually be one of the reasons why your grass isn’t green and healthy. It’s recommended that you set the mower blade to a minimum of three inches tall. Mowing your lawn too short puts stress on the grass, which affects its ability to resist pesticides, weeds, and harsh weather conditions.

Use fertilizer.
Get in the habit of feeding your grass fertilizer if you want it to continue to thrive in your lawn. But, too much fertilizer can kill your grass, so it’s important to find the perfect balance. Experts recommend using a broadcast spreader, which is a tool used to distribute fertilizer evenly through a yard. This will ensure you don’t pour too much fertilizer in one area and kill a patch of grass unintentionally.

Look for signs of dryness.
You should always keep an eye on your lawn to see how it is responding to your current watering schedule. Even if a watering schedule works for months, it could become ineffective if weather conditions change. For example, if your area is experiencing a bit of a drought, you may need to adjust your watering schedule to account for the lack of rainwater. How do you know when it’s time to do this? Look for signs of dry patches in your yard. Do your footprints leave an impression when you walk across your yard? Is your grass beginning to lose its bright, green color? This could be a sign of dry conditions, so adjust your watering schedule accordingly. Read these tips for watering your lawn the right way.

Use a sharp blade.
Before mowing your lawn, check the blade on your mower to ensure it’s sharp. A dull blade will tear each piece of grass instead of cutting it cleanly. Grass blades with ragged edges are vulnerable to disease and pests that could slowly take over your entire lawn and rob you of having the lush green grass of your dreams. If you find that your mower’s blade is a bit dull, invest in a blade sharpener and sharpen it before you begin mowing your grass. You won’t have to do this often—your mower should only need its blade sharpened after about 8 to 12 hours of use.

Are you ready to have a front and backyard full of healthy green grass? Let our team help you bring your vision to life! Call My Landscaper, the premier landscaping design company in Denver. Contact us today to discuss your landscaping needs with our team of experts!