Drainage Improvements

Mitigating standing water from rain or from sump pump out flows is one of our specialties. We use a variety of techniques to solve such problems. Please give us a call if you are experiencing drainage problems. 

The Essentials of Having a Suitable Drainage System

For homeowners who are trying to improve their property landscape, water can be an enemy. It can ruin an entire home, if not careful. A leaky pipe, for example can cause rust and then burst. A clogged gutter can be a nightmare in itself. Water can collect into a pool and cause ceilings to break. Water can seep behind walls resulting in mold growth. It has the ability to damage carpeting and wood flooring. Water can wreak havoc on the outside of the home as well. Water collecting in your yard can result in drainage problems. For that reason, all of your drainage systems should be properly and regularly maintained.

The Prevention
However, many homeowners overlooking this one thing, but if water causes something to go wrong, there will be devastating damages to the property and possibly the home. Typically drainage maintenance means that the water has to be controlled and moved away from the home. It is a way to prevent the water from pooling so it doesn’t distress the landscape. This includes:
  • Rain water
  • Storm drainage
  • Surface water
It is important to make sure that your landscape is designed in such a way that water is channeled into the street drain.

The Drainage
Issues with drainage will generally occur when standing or collected water remains and forms puddles in multiple areas around the yard. Other issues with drainage can result from soggy soil. For that reason, you will find that a lot of these areas will remain wet all the time, making it difficult to maintain proper drainage. Initially, if the drainage system was incorrectly done, water could saturate the yard and result in leaking in the basement.

The Surface
If your yard is in a low lying area and the area is not graded properly, it will also hold water. Issues with surface drainage will occur if standing water is in the same place for more than 2 days. To minimize this problem, it is important to repair your irrigation system. A well-maintained irrigation system that is accurately programmed will most often dramatically reduce drainage problems. Homeowners should have an annual check done on their irrigation system. This may save thousands of dollars in the long run.

The Slope
While you may not think about drainage issues on a regular basis, it is important enough to handle once and for all. The slope of your land is one of the most important considerations when thinking about surface drainage. For efficient and effective drainage, all paved surfaces should be at a slope of at least 1%. Turf and landscaped areas should be at a slope of at least 2%. A landscape professional will use a level to measure the slope to ensure that you are keeping to these measurements. If the slope is between 4% and 5%, it is too steep and may result in erosion of some kind. Therefore, make sure that the slope is functional and not too high.

Avoid Neglect
Try not to neglect the idea of controlling water on your property with a good drainage system because it can deteriorate the structure of your home, causing mold, pest infestation, gutter problems, and erosion. The timing of your irrigation system is also a viable solution to turn the zone on and off. The main objective is to have functions in place to keep water as far from the foundation as possible.

Do you want to know how you can have an efficient drainage system and solve all the water issues on your property? Contact My Landscaper today to discuss your drainage system needs. You can call 720-882-5772 to schedule an appointment.

Professional Landscaping Services in Denver

February 5, 2016

A high-quality landscape can provide your home with a beautiful appearance, satisfy the aesthetic desires of your family, and increase the value of your real estate property. However, maintaining a landscape can be a difficult process that often requires you to hire professionals. If you are trying to cultivate a gorgeous landscape for your home or business, it can help to learn about the many benefits provided by Denver landscaping services.
  • Landscape Design:  The top Colorado landscaping companies can help design your ideal landscape. The professionals can collaborate with you to evaluate the spatial dimensions of your yard sections, showcase available options for each section, and enable you to select which landscaping features, such as water features or landscape lighting, and design styles are most appropriate for your home or business. You can also determine which plants will excel in the different microclimates of your yard. For instance, the experts have access to a diverse range of trees, grasses, plants, and garden materials. After you have made decisions regarding which plants to cultivate in the various areas of your yard, the professionals can then install your landscape. The advanced skills and superior experience enables the landscaping specialists to effectively cultivate the grass, trees, and gardens to enrich the beauty of the landscape and the quality of your home.  From start to finish, we at My Landscaper work with our clients to make sure that both the design and installation process go smoothly. 
  • Hardscape Features:  You can also have the Denver landscaping services provide hardscape features for your yard. The professionals can offer many hardscape options that can enhance your yard and compliment your plants. Many different types of hardscape features are available. For example, some of the best hardscape features include walkways, paver systems, fencing patterns, retaining walls, and brick or stone columns. Additionally, numerous hardscape features can also provide you and your family with convenient areas to gather outside, socialize on beautiful days, and enjoy the comfortable and delightful atmosphere of your yard. The professionals can provide you with many options and designs from with you can choose, including a wide variety of decks, patios and pergolas.   
  • Maintenance:  Premier Colorado landscaping companies can also relieve your workload by handling maintenance duties for you. Lawns and gardens often require consistent maintenance to ensure that the plants remain healthy and attractive. As a result, you can have the landscaping experts frequently assess the conditions of the plants, correct any problems that are developing in the yard, and fertilize each section of your landscape to ensure that each plant thrives. The professionals can also accurately determine which particular maintenance services can most effectively enhance the superior condition of your yard. For instance, landscaping experts can mow your lawn, weed your gardens, prune shrubs and trees, and perform lawn aeration services.  Additionally, receiving seasonal spruce-up services during the fall and spring enables landscaping professionals to make sure that your lawn is protected from damage during the winter and ready to flourish in the spring.    
Contact My Landscaper to help you cultivate the best yard possible. Our expert staff understands the importance of lawn care and would be glad to assist any of your landscaping needs. My Denver Landscaper will make your project stand out with our truly customized and highly functional services; we believe that it is our job to guide our customers and help them to make the right choices to meet their needs and budget.  Call us for a free estimate for your Denver landscape or hardscape project to maximize the beautiful appearance of your yard and the luxurious atmosphere of your home.  

4 Signs of Poor Drainage and How to Prevent Damage

Lawn Drainage, Fall Clean-up, Denver Landscaping Company

November 6, 2015

Fall swooped in on us in and before we know it winter will be here! Drainage problems can be prevalent during the winter months with snow accumulating and melting at rapid rates. While some drainage problems can be spotted immediately, others aren’t as easy to detect. Make sure you are proactive about fixing potential problems so you don’t have any unexpected drainage issues this winter.


1.) Overflowing Gutters. This is one of the most common drainage problems. With so many leaves falling during the autumn months, they will naturally build up and reside in your gutters. If leaves are not cleared out, the debris can block the gutter and impede flow. Inspect your gutters and siding for any splatters or streaks as this can be a sign that there are leaves cluttering the gutters. Besides unwanted water gushing, leaf accumulation and gutter blockage can also cause rot to your property’s siding, cause weathering of paint, and can be the source of even more serious structural damage over time. Luckily, keeping an eye on your gutters and regularly cleaning them is an easy and inexpensive way to avoid potential problems. Whether you choose to clear out your gutters yourself (be careful on that ladder!) or you decide to hire a professional like My Landscaper the effort will be well worth it in the end!


2.) Wet areas and standing water. Wet areas, standing water, and water stains are other obvious signs of poor drainage. Where the standing water is located often indicates the cause of the problem - whether it is caused by surface water or water that is moving underground. If there are stains on foundation walls, this is a sign of an overflowing gutter and can be addressed by simply clearing them out. However, if you see a wet area that lines the basement, this can be the sign of a bigger problem that should be addressed immediately.


3.) Cracks in the foundation. Cracks are natural and occur over time through the Earth’s movement and a natural wear. Small cracks are generally harmless, but if you see large cracks over 1/8 inch, you should have a professional take a look. One way to help determine if the crack is growing is to measure it over time. Some cracks require only a simple patch-up repair with caulking or hydraulic cement while other are more complex. If the crack continues to grow, it is a sign of a drainage problem ruining the foundation and it is time to call for repairs.


4.) Puddles. Puddles naturally occur after storms and inclement weather. However, large puddles generally go away after a day, especially if the rain has ceased. Persistant puddles can create bigger issues. Puddles on your lawn can kill plants, cause rot, and make for an uneven and soggy yard. It can also make your foundation waver and create mildew. In some cases, this may just indicate the need to build better garden beds and hire landscaping maintenance services. However, it is best to keep an eye on puddles to make sure it is not a persistent issue.


My Landscaper offers a wide variety of drainage improvement services and can come out to help diagnose problems and offer solutions. Call us today at 720- 882-5772.


Denver Landscape Problem: Excessive Water & Drainage Improvements

Garden Drainage, Drainage Problems & Your Denver Lawn

With all the rainfall recently in Denver, it may have led to some drainage problems around your house. There are many causes of drainage problems such as storm water runoff from your roof, bad lot grading, or presence of ground water. Drainage problems can cause serious damage to your house’s foundation and structural failure and can cause costly repairs later. It can also cause wet basements, excessive erosion, landscape saturation, and moisture and mold inside your home.

Soil and garden drainage is a common problem in a Denver residential property. There are numerous causes such as high water tables, low grading compared to surrounding properties, layers of hard materials below the soil, or extremely compacted soil. Poor garden or lawn drainage prevents oxygen from reaching the roots of plants and can cause rot or fungus. Once you take steps to improve soil drainage, the health of your grass and garden will improve.

My Landscaper assesses drainage problems and we provide the best solution possible for your particular situation. Having drainage issues? Contact My Landscaper and we can provide a drainage inspection – we specialize in evaluating and providing solutions to water drainage issues so you can prevent costly damages to your home and yard